Cruel No More

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Warning: There will be explict violence and language in this story, not in every chapter but in some.







As A young girl I ran wild with the boys, always loving the feel of the mud and grass between my toes. See I wasn’t a girly girl that liked to dress up and prance around for the attention of others, I liked to blend into the background and not to be seen which is why the boys didn’t mind me being around them. The women of the orphanage however didn’t approve of my activities in the least, they would dress me up all pretty and prim the picture of a perfect young lady just so I would have a chance of getting adopted. And as soon as I was out of their sites I would destroy their creation in the forest where we all played. As I grew older they finally stopped and gave up and my silence began to play on their nerves. I didn’t ever speak to anyone the only form of speech ever coming from me was an occasional nod or whimper when I didn’t like something. One afternoon that all changed when two boys came to the orphanage. Nobody would talk to them, not even glance in their direction. Even the polite little girls didn’t offer them welcome, I being in no way a polite little girl I thought why not, and that’s when I heard the women whispering about the boys being filthy animals that weren’t meant to be around to be around human children, and how creatures like them needed to be put in a cage and forever be locked away. Even though I was only twelve I was utterly appalled by the care givers. Walking toward them with no expression on my face I slowly built my courage to speak. When I spoke there was a collective gasp that ran through the room.


“Why are you all so bent on shunning people you don’t even know, calling them such horrible names, they are people just like you  and me, you have no right to be so callus and condemn them when you don’t know them.”


At first nothing happened no one even dared breathe, they just starred at me with surprise. Soon after though a hand flashed across my face delivering a harsh slap, then a growl ripped through them room.


“You young lady will not speak to us in such tones, and you two hush or it’s a beating for you both,” The head caregiver then smirked while she though for a moment. “You will from now on share a room with those two, starting tonight.”


A woman who was always nice to me began to argue. “ Tonight is the full moon, it’s too dangerous for her to be with the—“ She received a look that meant no arguing and she quieted instantly.


“Get your things and follow me.” She said with an unnervingly cruel smile playing on her lips.


I did as I was told with a slight whimper hearing snickers from the other children that where already talking about me talking in front of them all. I snuck a glance at the boys they were definitely brothers for sure, I’m sure I would know soon enough. She led us to a room and watched us file in, once we were in she shut and locked the door from the outside which meant no dinner tonight, then she spoke.


“Try not to make a mess, no dinner for tonight you can thank her for that.”


I could hear the smirk in her voice while the boys looked at me, I was in a room with two boys I didn’t know I wasn’t scared just curious.


“Umm… I’m Chloe, sorry you guys don’t get to eat.”


I spoke meekly in a soft scratchy tone, then waited for a response they looked at one another then at me for a moment as if deciding.


“Chloe… I am Gabe and this is Luis my twin brother, you are in danger if you stay in this room tonight.”


Looking at him slightly annoyed I shook my head and started putting my things away, when my stuffed wolf Marco fell out of my bag I grabbed for him but Luis was faster, he looked at Marco a moment then to his brother a slight smile making his face seem less harsh when he looked back at me, placing Marco in my outstretched hand he spoke.


“Do you like wolves?”


I nodded and laid Marco down on the bed as I sat down, I wanted to understand how everyone could be so cruel to them.


“Why where they being so mean to you, I just don’t understand.”


I looked at them expectantly with a curious twinkle in my eyes, they looked at each other once more and nodded.


“We are Weres’, they fear our kind as do most humans.”


 Realization lit my eyes, I had heard stories about Weres’ but I had never actually seen them before, I had become very fascinated with the stories I would hear and it irritated those around me to no end.


“Humans think we only turn under the full moon, but we can change at will, it’s just harder to control sometimes when the full moon is up because our emotions are amplified and that can cause us to change, unbeknownst to most humans silver can’t hurt us and we can walk on holy soil.”


I giggled a little at the last bit until I saw him advancing toward me, I didn’t ever like being touched so it was normal for me to be wary when others where near. As Gabe approached me I felt calm instead of the usual apprehension and then Luis spazzed and convulsed his form rapidly changing from a boy into a massive wolf before my eyes. Gabe looked at him and then to me, I just couldn’t rap my head around what I had just seen, I couldn’t look away. Luis slowly approached me and he placed his head in my lap, I slowly began stroking his head and he began to whine and huff at Gabe, it looked like they were communicating with one another.


Gabe began to speak looking at Luis. “ I don’t know, fine fine I’ll ask,”

He looked at me a questioning smile in his eyes. “Luis wants you to be our sister, I do to, he also wants to know how old you are and if…” He suddenly looked at Luis. “ you have a boyfriend?”


I laughed outright at what he said so hard I began to cry.


“No I don’t have a boyfriend, I’m about to be thirteen and I’d love to have brothers.”


I had always wanted brother it was one of my dreams now it had come true.


“Well that’s good at least, we are twelve and not far from turning thirteen either.”


 He said with a smile and hugged me, I tensed out of habit and he let go instantly looking ashamed.


“Did I hug you to hard, I didn’t mean to hurt you.”


I looked at him and took his hand in mine and smiled reassuringly.


“No I just never like being touched it  was out of habit that I flinched I’m sorry I made you think that you had hurt me, it’s just different for me to be comfortable around others it will take getting used to is all.”

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