Part Seventeen

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Part Seventeen

Lia’s POV

And that’s what makes you beautiful!

I sighed in relief as my phone stopped ringing. It had woken me up, but I was too tired to answer it, I wanted to go back to sleep. I had almost dozed off again when a loud knocking made me jump out my skin.

“Go away,” I mumbled, knowing they wouldn’t even hear me. I placed the pillow over my head, trying to block out the sound as my phone rang again and the knocks on the door got louder and more frequent.

After about five minutes I realised I wasn’t going to be allowed to go back to sleep so I pushed myself off the bed. I grabbed my phone which showed me I had over thirty missed calls from the boys, Danielle and Eleanor. I stumbled half-blinded by tiredness over to the door and yanked it open.

“Oh thank god you’re okay!” Eleanor shouted and pulled me into a hug.

“What’s going on?” I yawned.

“It’s okay, she’s just answered the door,” I heard Danielle on the phone in the background.

“Danielle and I decided we’d come around here to get ready for tonight and then you weren’t answering our calls, so we came here anyway and then you weren’t answering the door, so we got a little worried - we called the boys and they tried ringing you, and yeah…” Eleanor explained as we walked in.

“Oh, sorry, I was asleep,” I smiled.

“It’s okay,” Danielle smiled, “We should be apologising for waking you up.”

“No, I needed to get up anyway, else I’d have slept through the concert,” I chuckled.

“Okay, well, do you know what you’re going to wear?” Danielle asked me.

“I actually don’t have anything… I don’t have many clothes, I left all mine at the flat… Zayn bought me a few things, but nothing that’s appropriate for a concert,” I sighed.

“Do you want us to come with you to go to Dylan’s? We could get all your things,” Eleanor offered.

“Sure,” I said after a short pause.

It’s not like Dylan’s going to be there, he’s in the police station now, possibly jail, but I don’t know. We would just go in, get my stuff and leave. The only thing that was bad about the flat was the memories.

“Okay, I’ll drive,” Danielle smiled and I nodded.

“Hold on,” I smiled and walked back in to the bedroom, grabbing the wig; I carefully placed it on my head and checked my appearance was okay before walking back over to Eleanor and Danielle, who both smiled fondly at me.

“Ready?” Eleanor asked.

“As I’ll ever be,” I nodded, picking up my set of keys on the side and the three of us headed out. We climbed in Danielle’s car and I directed her where to go. Once we arrived at the block of flats Danielle parked up and we climbed out. I walked in the familiar grotty door; and up the familiar moulding corridor before reaching the door.

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