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POV Harry

We were all seated in front of the fireplace today, trying to keep ourselves warm. We were in New Brunswick and the house hotel that Paul had booked had a horrible heater, but we got lucky because there was a fireplace in the living room with a TV plastered on top. The walls were all a beige brown colour so the firelight reflected off of the walls. We had just come back from a very long day-we had all our normal things to do, but we also got stuck in traffic in the middle of a snow storm. We were lucky enough to make it out of there safely and when we got inside, I made everyone cocoa and we sat in front of the TV and the fireplace to warm up. I had sat beside Monica and she was leaning her head on my chest as my arm wrapped around her shoulder. She was shivering like mad, and I knew half the reason why was because of her feet. See, her feet would be so cold during every season, so I was always offering to warm them up for her. When I did, she'd giggle way too much so nothing really gets done. Sometimes I would just kiss her instead until she calmed down.

Even though I was drunk, and had a mean hangover the next day, I still remembered that night with Delilah. Every time I did, I felt so sick, my stomach lurching like I wanted to throw up again. Since that day, sometimes Monica or Louis would find me hunched over the toilet and wondered what had gone wrong. I never told them-especially them-and I knew I had to start planning if I would be keeping thing this whole thing a secret or start coming clean before it got dragged out and worse. But I never knew what was the right way to approach it.

"Let's watch the celebrity news station." Monica said, grabbing the remote out of Liam's hand. They have been talking so much more lately ever since some point while we were in British Colombia, and I didn't know exactly what was the reason for the change of heart. But I was glad for it. She smiled at him and he smiled back. "Let's see what they're saying about us."

Eleanor snorted. "If they're saying anything at all."

"It's all rubbish news on there. Its either something not true, not good, or just plain stupid." Perrie put in.

Monica put her hands on her hips. "And what do you suggest?"

She shrugged. "Sports channel."

"Perrie, you've got my vote." Niall called.

Louis chuckled. "Please, all you want is the food channel, mate." And Niall smiled at him.

"Well too bad for you all, we're going to watch the Celebrity channel because I've got the remote and none of you do." And with that, she turned it on. First of all, a blonde lady named Beth who looked like she was in her later 20's, early 30's talked about Angelina Joie and Brad Pitt and about a possible new baby they'd be adopting.

"Well, would you look at that? That's brilliant." Louis liked kids.

"I wouldn't mind having an adopted child." Danielle said. "Helping out in a small way, you know?"

Perrie sniggered. "And it's less work." Danielle threw a pillow in her direction.

Then Beth talked about Kristen Stewart apparently cheating on Robert Patterson.

"What?" Eleanor sat up suddenly. "Is she crazy?"

"Definitely. I don't know how you can cheat on someone with a face like that." Perrie commented. Danielle nodded vigorously.

Monica scoffed. "I could." All three of them looked at me like they were about to murder me. Niall laughed. She shook with laughter herself, I could feel her against my chest. She just shrugged. "Um, if I'm not mistaken, there is also a certain person named Taylor Lautner in those movies. Now that's someone you can't give up easily. I wouldn't be surprised if Kristen went running off with him instead."

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