Chapter 2 (Moon's P.O.V.)

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I can feel my heart in my chest as we got out of the car and approached a very light blue house with big picture windows and a fire red door. The color of the door threw me off so i turned to Makenzie and asked. "Why is the door red?" I sounded shocked

"See, it was like that when i bought it. " She said sadly. She laughed and unlocked the door opening it. "welcome to my humble abode." She smiled. I stepped inside and looked around, I knew the look of awe covered my face.

"wow its beautiful." I said. The house was two stories and had a wood furnish nearly everywhere. The couch was a very light lavender and when I inhaled I could smell a lilacs and rose marry. There were two soft looking chairs that matched the couch. The fire place had wood in it but no fire and when I breathed in i could smell the timber. Kenzie put her hand on my shoulder and i jumped then felt calm.

"Well come on there is more just the doorway and the living room ." she smiled. I nodded and followed her to the kitchen, it was a blue so light it reminded me of the sky by the mountains when I lived with my mother. My eyes began to fill with tears befog Kenzie puts her hand on my arm motioning me to follow. The next room we went to was upstairs, it was the master bedroom, it was another shade of blue close to Aqua. The bed was made and the drapes were open to the night. I went to the closet it was a walk-in and full of clothes.

"moon! Come here I'll show you, your room." Kenzie called from the hall way. I went into the hall way and followed Kenzie to another bedroom, it was a banana yellow and strawberry red, I giggled and walked further into the room.

"It's beautiful, it's like a strawberry banana drink!" I smile.

"Exactly! That's what i was going for." Kenzie laughed.

"I get to sleep here tonight?" I ask softly

"Yup! so get your PJ's on and we'll watch a movie then sleep." Kenzie said before she left, I closed the door and open one of the drawers to find a night gown. After finding one i put it on and it went to my shins. I giggle and went down stairs finding kenzie on the soft looking couch. I sat next to her as the movie started. We watched "How to Train Your Dragon." when it ended we were still laughing as we headed upstairs.

"Thank you for letting me stay tonight." I smile

"No problem Hun, goodnight." Kenzie said.

"Goodnight." I hug her then go to my room. I get in bed after the light is off and fall asleep almost as soon as my head hit the pillow.

My eyes flutter open at the smell of bacon, eggs, pancakes, and hash browns. I stumble out of the room and into the kitchen. "Good morning," I say and sit at the table, " smells good" I yawn.

"Good, here is your plate." Kenzie says.

She sets a plate down in front of me bigger that my head with 5 eggs, 7 pieces of bacon, 4 pancakes, and 7 oz. of hash browns. I give her a look that said "Are you kidding me?" then I looked at the food, she set down two glasses of OJ down and a cup of coffee. I closed my eyes to keep from passing out.

"There is so much food... Why?" I ask with a whimper.

"Angels have to eat a lot for lots of energy... Are you not the same?" she asks and I shake my head. "Oh... Well just eat as much as you can." she smiled.

I was taking my last bite and felt sick, there was still 2 eggs, 3 pieces of bacon, 2 pancakes, 4oz of hash browns and the coffee left. I felt bad I didn't eat more but I felt like I was going to pop! I look at Kenzie's plate and was shocked that it was empty as were her cups and glasses, I exploded.

"How the hell are you not fat?!" I yell.

She looks down and twiddles her thumbs. "Angels are perfect...." She whispers.

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