The Airplane Ride Of A Lifetime

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***Hannah's POV***

I woke up really early this morning to get ready for the airplane ride. 'This is going to be exciting. I mean, imagine meeting One Direction!! I can't wait to see Liam Payne too! He is by far my favorite. But I still just hope Haley can talk to a guy for once. But I guess she said "someone" is coming soon. So I won't bud in this time. But I only bud in for her. And I really hope she knows that. '

It was 6:30. Time to head over to the airport. Man, I still can't believe we can't sit by Haley on the second airplane ride. Haley texted me last night and I was pretty devastated. But at least I can still sit by Averie. I just feel bad for Haley.

Thirty minutes past and I arrived at the airport. Our schedule was we'd fly to Las Vegas, and then to London. It would defiantly be a full day of traveling.

***Haley's POV***

It has been seven hours since I first left home. The first airplane ride went by very slowly. But when we all first walked off of that airplane and into the Las Vegas airport,  we were amazed by how many people there were.

'One more airplane ride to go...' I thought. And this was the airplane ride where our tickets were all messed up. But I wasn't "that" upset about it. I mean, they're just seats right?

We got off our last flight about thirty minutes ago. After we got off the airplane we went for a quick lunch that turned out to be a twenty minute wait just for food. Because of how long the wait was for food, it was already time to head back to our gate.

"Isn't this going to be exciting?!" Hannah asked.

"I know! I can't wait!" I said with a smile.

"Oh look, it’s time to board our flight. Good luck with whoever you sit by Haley." Averie winked at me.

"Lets just hope it’s not some freak." I smiled. Then we got in the boarding line. I was surprised by how fast my heart was beating. 'Could I really be this nervous?!' The attendant took my ticket, scanned it, and then handed it back to me. My heart was beating faster and faster as I walked through the terminal. Then I reached the plane. My heart beated even faster. I walked down the airplane looking at the numbers on the rows, looking to see which seat was mine, when I saw him. He was the most beautiful guy I've ever seen! Huge muscular arms, a nice torso, gorgeous green eyes, and the best part, his dirt-brown hair that swept across his masculine face. I didn't think it was physically possible, but my heart beated even faster. 'I get to sit by him?! How lucky can a girl get?!' And just when I thought he couldn't look any better, he smiled at me. He smiled at me! Then, my stomach did a somersault. Suddenly, I felt a strange sensation. I felt like the door to my heart and to my confidence was just melted away. And then I felt a feeling I haven't felt in a LONG time... Confidence. Confidence in myself, and confidence in my charm and beauty. I suddenly noticed that I hadn't even sat down yet, was holding up the line, AND that I had been staring at him for so long, it was noticeable! 'Geese, way to go Haley. Finally found your confidence, and freak the guy out by staring at him forever and a day!' I felt really stupid right now. But it’s okay, because I still had my confidence. So I swiftly continued to walk to my seat, while looking away and secretly smiling. Then, I stopped at my seat and sat down right next to him since it was only a two-seated flight. And to my luck, my confidence took place of my awkwardness. I made a silent prayer that he wouldn't think I was a freak, when he opened his mouth to speak.

"Hey there... And what may your name be beautiful? He flashed a brilliant smile at me. 'Man, is he  straightforward.' I was ready for anything he said to me except that. And before I could think anymore about what to say, he carefully took my hand, and raised it up to his lips. Then, right before he planted his lips on my hand, he looked up at me with those charming eyes, as if to ask, 'May I?' My smile gave me away. So then, he slowly lowered his lips on my hand and gave me a gentle kiss. The second he kissed my hand, little goose bumps appeared on my hand, and ran through my whole body.  I had to admit that I liked it. And not just liked it, I loved it. But I still had to think of a reply. A couple seconds past, and then, the perfect reply hit me like a bullet.

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