Zayn considered it was the best to stay with Kendall until she will be truly feeling better. Besides, he couldn't just leave her there. In his eyes, she was so vulnerable and fragile, that he felt like he needs to protect her and make sure she'll be alright, no matter what.  

It was 8:30 when Zayn arrived at home. He entered in the house and shouted: 

Mom, I'm here! 

A voice from the kitchen was heard as a response: 

Finally! Looks like somebody remembered he has a home! 

That was clearly not his mom, judging by the tone. 

Liam, stop, I'm eighteen now, can you bear that in mind? I am capable of taking care of myself and going out in the night if that's my desire. And it's not even 10 PM! 

Woo, Louis didn't joke when he said you were grumpy today at school.  

Zayn, lifting up his voice: 

I wasn't...I'AM NOT GRUMPY, LIAM! I'm just tired, that's all.  

And I'm guessing that's not because of school... 

Seriously, bro? All I want right now it's to take a long, relaxing shower that I craved for since morning and then going to freaking Narnia in my sweet dreams, not talking about the problems which, for your interest, have solved out finally! 

Liam, very superficially:  

Well, in this case, I'm glad for you. Don't even bother to care about anything else. 

Liam, don't take that too personal, you know me.... 

Trying to sound very detached in the first part then starting yelling a little, Liam replied: 

I am not. I actually don't know why I care about you. Oh, wait, maybe because I'm your BIG BROTHER and I can't let you go down without me. 

Zayn, smiling to his brother: 

Sorry, I've just had too much for a single day, you know? I've wanted some peace to put my thoughts in the right order. 

You know I can help you with that.... 

I know and I appreciate it. Then, they started making their unique sign with the hands and Liam added: 

So, to cheer you up, tomorrow we have rehearsal with the band at 6. Don't make any plans, understood? 

I won'... But he hadn't finished his line when he remembered that he actually made some plans. For the first time, he promised Kendall to go to her photoshoot and support her more in the modeling thing. The problem is, the photoshoot will start at 4 PM and he isn't sure he has enough time to arrive for the rehearsal with the boys. 

Oh, no, no, no. Liam tried to stop him. Don't even dare to cancel it. I talked to all the boys and they are all free tomorrow. 

And why am I always the last one who finds out? 

Well, if you would check your messages more often, you'll see why. 

Zayn took out his phone and saw: 3 SMS from Liam, 2 from Louis and 2 from Harry. 

I swear I didn't hear it!  

Of course, when Kendall is around, you are like magically spelled by her and you never pay attention to anything else. 

Oh, shut up, you know that's not true. She really had a hard time lately and I had to be there for her, that's all. 

Liam, starting laughting: 

You actually are kind of funny now. But I'm not going to argue with you about an obvious thing like that. So, no excuses, you'll come tomorrow and that's it! 

Ok, I'll figure something. 

That's my boy. Hugging him.  

Zayn responded and started hugging him tightly, but not for so long because Liam cut out the moment: 

I think It's enough with the chick - flick for today. 

Not even close to that. 

Liam looking very strange at his brother:

You are such a girl sometimes, you know that? 

But you love me anyway, don't you? 

Do I have a choice?

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