I had Harry Styles child - run and tell

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Well finally!! I can update!! Woohoo!! Also the answer is in here!! Enjoy Directioners!! :)

When Niall finally let me out of the cubicle and the toilet. I didn't know what to do, I couldn't go back to the lads. I did believe Niall, but what those girls said, just reminded me of Travis. I knew I couldn't go back to the table with Niall, back to the lads.

"sorry Niall." I said very quickly, before I made a run for it. I heard Niall running after me.

"Alexa!!" Niall yelled out after me.

I looked at the lads at the table. They got up straight away and came after me. As I went pass the girls, at their table, I heard one of them say 'slut'. I think the lads, well most of them, heard what that girl called me that name.

"Alexa!! Come back here!!" I heard Harry and Liam screaming after me. I was already a block away from the restaurant.

I couldn't hear or see Harry and Liam anymore, after a few minutes. I'm so confused about that, but I kept on running away. But I don't know where though.

"Alexa!!!" I heard a guy's voice, screaming after me.

The voice sounded familiar, too familiar. I looked in the direction I heard the voice coming from. It was coming across the street, and it was Drake, now running after me. I kept on running, I didn't want to see anyone. I saw Drake trying to cross the road, oh I give up. I know Drake will end up catching me anyways.

"hey Alexa, what's wrong? The lads are worried about you. Please talk to me princess." Drake said, as he crossed the road and pulled me into a hug.

"are you crazy!?! You could've almost got hit by a car!! Also can we just walk, alone. Then I might tell you when I'm calmer." I screamed at Drake, for running across the road, looking at him as he was crazy.

"yes I am!! SO ARE YOU!! Sorry, I know, I'm sorry. Okay, promise?" Drake said, raising an eyebrow at me.

"haha. It's ok, I promise." I said. Drake made me smile, but I'm still sad.

"good. I love you." Drake said, hugging me, then we started walking.

"I love you too." I told Drake, half smiling at him.

Well I better let the lads, especially Niall and Harry, know I'm safe with Drake. Also tell them I'm going to talk to him somewhere private and I might finish telling Niall what I wanted to tell him before. So I logged onto twitter.

@A!ex@Sty!e$ : @NiallOfficial hey baby, I'm sorry 4 what I did :( <3 ring u later when I need 2 talk 2 u. @Harry_Styles I'm with Drake. <3 xox @Real_Liam_Payne I really do 4give u!! :) <3 xox @Louis_Tomlinson @ZaynMalik sorry I ran out :/ love u all!! :) <3 xox

Once I tweeted what I needed to tweet, I logged off twitter. Drake and I were a block away from this café, that the lads and I went to the other day. I though that we should go in there and talk.

"hey Drake, there's a café a block away from here. Do you want to talk in there?" I asked Drake, holding his hand.

"sure. I need to drink coffee at the moment, really tired." Drake said, putting his arm around me.

"okay baby girl, what happened tonight?" Drake asked, putting our coffee and tea down on the table, then sat down across from me.

"well I've been acting odd lately, only because in two days it's our parents death anniversary." I started off, looking up at Drake, after taking a sip of my tea.

"oh. I should pay my respects. I'll get a ticket later on." Drake said, looking at me sadly. "what else princess?" Drake asked. He was trying to make me happy, by calling me 'baby girl' and 'princess'.

"well that's not the only thing why I've been acting odd. But I'll tell you that later." I told Drake, looking at him for a response. He nodded, I sighed frustrated. "well, when Niall...."

I explained the rest of the story to Drake, why I ran out of the restaurant. I started crying half way through it. When I finished, I told Drake I'm going to call Niall, to come here. So I can tell the both of them, what I wanted to tell Niall before, but now at the same time.

"hey babe, hey Drake." Niall said, as he arrived and sat next to me.

"so what did you what to tell us?" Drake asked, raising an eyebrow at me, here goes nothing.

"don't tell anyone, and I mean anyone, especially Harry, okay?" I told my brother and Niall, they nodded at me. "well, I'm pregnant.." I said quickly.

Drake did a spit take, it went all I've the floor. Haha. Niall just looked at me in shock, but smiled at the same time.

"you...you're what?" Drake stuttered. Nice uncle Drake. Ahaha. I smiled at him, rolling my eyes at him.

"I said, I'm pregnant." I said, laughing at Drake's expression.

"okay." Drake replied, cleaning himself up.

"so why don't you want us to tell the lads or anyone? Especially Harry?" Niall asked, hugging me.

"well, you lads are busy and you lads might be leaving soon and I didn't know how or when to tell you all. Please don't until, I find the right time and words." I told Niall, he nodded at me understanding.

"I won't, but I think we should tell them tomorrow or after your parents death anniversary." Niall said, kissing me on the forehead, grabbing my hand and squeezing.

"thank you Niall. That might be a good time to tell them. Thank you Niall, love you. I love you Drake." I said, finishing off my tea.

"I love you too baby." Drake said, finishing off his coffee.

"your welcome bub, I love you too momma bear." Niall said, hugging me.

"well, we'll see you later Drake." Niall said, shaking his hand, then I hugged Drake goodbye too.

"I'm guessing the lads won't be far?" I asked Niall, smiling at him.

"no, they're on their way to pick us up. By the way, the rest of the lads heard what that girl called you. They talked to them about not to call you names, etc." Niall said, smiling at me.

"okay.." I said, looking at the ground as a horn honked at us. It was Zayn, naughty boy ;). Oh boy.

"can I ask you something before get in?" Niall asked me, as the lads pulled up in a parking spot.

I nodded at him, Niall told Zayn to hold for a minute. Niall walked me near to the café window, so the lads couldn't hear us.

"why didn't you tell me before about..." Niall asked, looking down at my belly. I blushed slightly.

"I'm not sure. You know I trust you, but I don't know why. I'm sorry." I told Niall, giving him a hug.

"it's okay bub." Niall said, hugging me back.

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