Chapter Five

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-chapter five-


For the rest of the day, the men had me working around the house. At first it was Farid, giving me orders to clean a bedroom, or do their laundry. I was thankful to be out of the basement and free to walk around, if anything else.

The other hostages worked alongside me. However, I was the only one without duct tape. There was no sign of the older woman, but the twelve year old girl and the pixie-cut hair girl wandered the halls doing their tasks, completely ignoring me.

It was while I was moping the floor when I felt dizzy. I was already tired, from doing hours of work with neither food nor water. There was a plate of food that was mine, but I didn’t dare touch it. I didn’t want to take anything they gave me.

I heard chimes ringing and realized that the door had opened, letting people walk in. Bahir and the man who always seemed to carry around a drink came in, laughing and hooting. They paused when they noticed me.

“Finally give you work, huh?” drink-guy asked, looking me up and down.

“She looked better in her old clothes.” Bahir said, leaning towards his friend as if to get a better look at me. I looked away, slowly mopping in the other direction to get as far away as possible.

“Where is Farid?’ Bahir asked. When there was no response from anybody, he walked over to me.

“He’s in the other room.” I said quickly, hoping that would keep him away.

“Oh, you miss him?” Bahir asked, leaning forward to get to my eye level. I found myself pressed against the refrigerator. “Want him to come to your rescue?”

A felt a fluttery feeling in my stomach and let it loose to find it as a feeling of bravery. “Bastard.” I said, kneeing him in the stomach. It took a lot of effort, being weak, but I managed to force him to bend over.

Bahir stretched out to his max height and grabbed my hair. I dropped the broom and screamed, feeling like he was going to rip it right out.

He shouted something in my face, but my vision began to blur. Spots clouded my vision and I felt my knees grow weak. Without meaning to, I fell limp and found myself sprawled on the floor, unconscious.

As I stumbled back into conciouness, i could make out sounds of people talking. My head lolled to the side and I caught it, looking up and alert - not without a searing pain shooting up my neck.

Someone noticed.

"She's awake!" I heard Jal say. "Someone call Farid." another voice drabbled.

Bahir stepped Into my line of sight. I wiggled in my chair to realize my right hand was shackled to it. I couldn't move.

He said something in his tongue and walked over to me. Dread creeping Ito my skin, I shrank back, wishing I could mold into the chair and disappear. He was the scariest of the all – the one who wasn’t afraid of anything.

"My lovely girl, starving herself?" he said, both questioningly and accusingly. A wicked smile crept up his face. "I feed her. Come, open mouth for my..." he slobbered into his language and got Jal and Waheed to laugh behind him. Without meaning to I flushed, knowing exactly what he had said without translating.

He noticed.

He grabbed my chin and I couldn't help suppress a gasp as he forced me to face him.

"You're lucky you Farid's." he said. "If mine-"

"But she's not yours, so back off." Farid said, walking in with his perfect English. Bahir growled under his breath and I breathed a sigh of relief as he walked away.

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