Chapter 6

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Knock Knock! 

Probably Harry, I strolled over to the door in my airport clothes, leggings, jumper and ugg boots. 

'Good morning' He grinned at the door

'Good morning' I smiled back

I opened the door to let him in, he had brought all his luggage so we could get a taxi from mine to the airport, as per usual we went straight into Summers room, who was once again making the most of her valuble sleep. 

'HOLIDAYS!' Summer yelled

I laughed and rolled my eyes, but it was her first holiday and since it was with her Dad she had the right to be excited as she was, I mean..I was finding it hard to contain my excitment.

Call - Louis

'Hey Lou' I answered

'Hey babe, you ok?'

'Yeah I'm good, you?'

'Yeah yeah I'm great. So you're going on holiday with Harry?'

'Yeah, today'

'I just want you to know Faye, he's changed from when you first met him'

'I know Lou' I grinned

'Good. I hope you have a good holiday. Sorry I couldn't come round and say good bye, but I'll be round soon as you get back!'

'Thank you Lou, and good! I'll see you soon' 

'Bye, love' 

I put the phone down and Harry was at the door of the kitchen. I was panic rushing, the house was kind of a mess, it couldn't stay this messy while we were away!

'Faye!' Harry spoke loudily


'Calm down!' He laughed while he placed his hands on my shoulders

'Mummy, when are we going?' Summer yawned

'The taxi is coming in 5 minutes, babe' 

Aww, Harry must have gotten her changed, she looked adorable. Harry didn't look to bad himself either, he had chinos, a Jack Wills top, his famous white converse and a beanie on. He looked hot to be honest.

Beep beep!

'Come on girls!' Harry grinned

'Thank you Daddy' Summer smiled

Harry picked her up and took her to the car while saying you're welcome, I guess I had to say it too, wait, of course I did! He was taking us on god damn holiday. He came back and got my luggage.

'Thank you for this Harry' I smiled

'Don't worry about it, it'll be fun' He smiled while kissing my cheek

I smiled quickly and went into the taxi, I had to disguise my blush. I didn't think he'd kiss my cheek! And what did he mean 'It'll be fun' ? What is Harry's kind of fun..well I know what it used to be, good lord.

But if he's changed I just hoped it was spending time with us, what am I saying of course it would be. The taxi pulled away and we made our way to the airport.

Harry sorted out our tickets and we boareded onto the plane after Summer had been fed, her main priorities were food and sleep, and I think you could tell that by now. As we boarded the plane and got our seats, I couldn't help but notice the air hostess' eyeing up Harry. You're like 30 why are you looking at him!

Wait..why do I care?

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