Chapter 6

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The plane ride was very lone in actuality, but seemed short because the boys charisma kept you occupied. I received many sweet kisses from Niall, as did Lacey from Harry.

"Ah young love," the stylist Lou said, carrying a crying Lux into the bathroom for a change. Eleanor laughed. Having done this touring business before, she explained all of it to me and Lacey.

"Okay, basically we go into a state and we stay in this huge hotel in a bigger city. The boys will go off to the other cities in the tour bus and occasionally us girls will follow them, but mostly we stay in the hotel's area. I've been to enough One Direction concerts to last me a lifetime, though I am so excited to hear their new album live."

"Thanks. So what's our first stop?"

"New York City," Danielle answered with a look of awe taking over her face.

I had heard so much about New York City, with it's bustling streets and world renowned pizza. My stomach grumbled at the thought of food.

"Hey uh, do we have food?" I asked awkwardly.

"I was thinking the same thing," Niall said.

"Theyre perfect for each other. Haha fatties," Louis joked, nudging Niall with his elbow. Not sure what to do, I decided to take it as a compliment. I edited out the last part so I could only remember Louis saying, "They're perfect for each other."

"So," I said striking up a conversation of my own, "Harry and Lacey?" They both blushed and released each others hands quickly. The plane erupted in oohs and awws.

"Erm, yeah. I fancy her," Harry admitted shyly. Lacey put her head on his shoulder and grinned broadly. I wondered how her face wasn't cramping up.

"Well, looks like you're all officially taken then. Looks like its just the two of us bro," Josh said giving Andy a hug. We all broke into laughter. The pilot interrupted us with the announcement that we would be landing soon.

"Shhh, sh," I hushed. I scrambled over Niall to get a look out the window. At first, all I saw was the starry night sky, the background so black it was almost blue or purple. Then a new light entered the scene. It was coming from below, shining brighter than the moon overhead. It was the city lights. It was big and modernized and I swore I could hear taxi cabs honking, even from our incredible heights. I saw specks that were people hurrying across the snowy street, though the snow had turned brown from the cars and dirt. I heard myself squeal.

As the plane lowered I got that weird fluttery feeling in my stomach you get when a roller coaster drops.

"This is it!" I cheered, though by now everyone except for me and Niall were asleep. "I'm in America!"

Once in the airport, you might think that this late at night that it would be emptier. Wrong. The place was like nothing I had ever seen. We were greeted by dozens of paparazzi and even more fans. These fans were not like the nice London fans. These girls were savages, relentless and determined to get whatever piece of the boy they could. Some were crying for the overwhelming sight.

"I love you!" they cried at different times, making it sound like a disoriented chant. Their hands reached past the security, clawing at the few inches of air that separated us. It scared me so I shielded myself with Niall's body.

"This your hotel!" Paul shouted at us over the screaming fans. We literally ran in so fast to escape them that I didn't even get a chance to read the name. We were ushered upstairs to the penthouse. It was bigger than my two of my flats combined.

"Well since there's only five rooms we all have to pile up." Yes it was large but you can't forget how many of us there were. Paul, Lou, and Lux were staying in separate rooms below, but Andy and Josh had insisted on rooming with us, for twitcam purposes we were told.

Honestly I didn't mind sleeping on the couch. It was decided long before Lacey and I came into the picture that Harry and Zayn always slept in the same bed, as did Niall and Josh. Then it was Liam and Danielle, Louis and Eleanor.

"Uh, I'll take the last room," Andy claimed. Harry and Niall both looked to their friend in disbelief.

"You're kidding me right?" they asked him in unison.

"Alright alright I'll sleep on the couch." He disappeared into the bedroom first though and came out with all the pillows and blankets. Niall and Harry blocked his path and crossed their arms.

"Okay okay fine." Andy threw the stuff back and stormed over to the couch, smiling sarcastically at Lacey and I.

"Nah, he'll get over it," Harry assured the two of us. But at the same time it saddened me. They had all been together so long, they knew each other so much better. I knew that no matter how close Lacey and I got to them, we would always be a step behind. I could only dream of the brotherly-and sisterly- love they had for each other.

I sighed sleepily, kissed Niall goodnight and laid down next to Lacey. I had a nightmare about being murdered by a crazed fan.

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