Chapter 8- The Confession/ Part I

<Darren's Point of View>

This is it. I finally figured out how I feel.

I'm in love with Lauren.

I couldn't believe the fact that I actually developed feelings for someone.

This was all just new to me.

Now that I know how I feel about her, I'm gonna tell her.

I should confess my love in a special way....Hmm...What should I do?

 I should make some heart shaped chocolates right now and give it to her when she wakes up!

Sounds good to me. Let's start.

~Darren makes chocolate for Lauren and writes her a letter that will confess his feelings~

As I finished up my letter and walked back to where Lauren was, I heard a muffled yawn.

I guess Lauren woke up. Thank goodness she's alright. I slowly walked up to her and sat down on a chair next to the bed. I silently cleared my throat and began to speak.

<Lauren's Point of View>

I woke up on a stranger's bed. At a stranger's house.  Where was I?

As I surveyed the room, I found the obnoxious Darren gazing at me with those lovely eyes. I mentally slap myself to remind my brain that I can't grow feelings for him. Darren's chocolate brown eyes melted me down instantly, curving my lips into a goofy smile. 

Lauren, don't smile like that! 

I try clearing my throat as billions of thoughts circled around in my head. All of a sudden, Darren's angel-like voice brings me back to my senses.

"Lauren, you alright now?" He asked anxiously.

"Y-yeah, I feel better than ever" I said, stuttering through my words.

Lauren, keep it together. Don't make a fool out of yourself in front of Darren.

I gathered my train of thought and opened my mouth cautiously.

"Darren, what happened to me? Where am I?" I said. I was suppose to say that with a demanding tone, but of course. My body always resists what I want.

"You passed out. After you told me that I was...cute? I thought that going to  the hospital would only cost you money and you only I took you here. To my house." Darren said.

I saw his cheeks glowing into a rosy color. Aw, he's so cute when he blushes. Shoot, did I just say he's cute again? I'm definitely crazy now.

"Oh, yeah. I remember..but you didn't do anything weird to me, did you?" I asked, wrapping my body up with the blanket in suspicion.

"Yeah..Um. Darren stuttered a bit.

"Yeah?! What? You did something to me then?", I yelled in shock.

"W-what? Oh! No, no! Not at all. I would never do something like that. Hey, I'm not a pervert okay?", he replied waving his hands around in denial as his face turned rose pink.

I just nodded my head in understanding even though I still felt a bit unsure.

"Err...Um.....anyway, here. Take this...." Darren told me as he handed me a nicely wrapped box. It seemed as if he was trying to act cool right now.

I took the box in curiosity and opened it up.

"Oh my...." I gasped in amazement, putting my hand against my mouth.

I felt the electricity circulate around my body as my face started to heat up.

Chocolate and a letter. I never got anything like this in my whole entire life. 

I was all fuzzy and warmed up inside my heart. Darren seemed cool with it now.

"Yeah. Read the letter, okay?" He said.

I was speechless.

I was too overwhelmed by his thoughtfulness.

I just couldn't think of anything to say.

All I did was nod before he went outside.

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