Rain’s mom-

 It was a cold, rainy day. Something Rain would have loved, my little girl was gone. She was taken from this world, so horribly, so gruesomely. Cops had found her lifeless, bloody body on the side of the road.

Who in the world would do that, what would possess a person to kill such a loving girl?

I looked up at the sky, hoping to see past that, hoping that Rain would look down and see all the people here today. All the people who loved her, because I know she sure did love them. I felt a stream of pity and remorse swim through my body.

I had tried to make everything so perfect, but it was hard. It was hard planning a funeral for your daughter. Harder than anything, anyone would ever have to do. It wasn't supposed to happen in this order…I was supposed to watch her grow up and have beautiful baby's with her love, Blaze, who had went missing as well.

It was all such a tragedy. I was sure whoever had killed her, had done the same with Blaze. But I just couldn't handle the fact that she was gone. I looked around the surrounding land where the funeral was taking place. She had always told us if she ever was to die before us she wanted an outside funeral as well as a closed casket.

I had scolded her for even thinking about dying before her parents, but I didn’t realize that sometimes it happens.

I looked towards her casket and saw most of our family and a few of her friends from high-school. Her best friends from college were here, but there were people missing. Her real best friends, her non-biological sisters weren’t standing amongst everyone, but we couldn’t find them to contact them and deliver the terrible news.

I thought about Rain and how she would've been sad that they weren't here, but I knew that she would love the fact that we tried so hard to reach them. I looked around some more and saw a young boy about Rain's age standing in the corner. I wondered who he was, but in all honesty I didn't care that much.

I just could not wait for this to all be over with; and with that, I cried. I cried that night, and that morning and that night again. I had cried out all my tears of sadness a long time ago, but crying gave me comfort.

Water gave me all the comfort I needed to remember my Rain.

After all, water was always something that gave her comfort. I had given up on being strong a long time ago, and all I could do now was ask for Rain to hold me in her arms, or pray that this was only a terrible nightmare...


I did not know what death would feel like and I did not know why it had seized me at such a young age. I had planned getting my life and myself together and actually making something of the beautiful young girl I was. I stood in the darkness, not seeing anything for a long time. I had cried all I could and what shocked me was that I could actually cry. I looked around me, focusing hard and then as if something knew what I was looking for, a bright light suddenly shone in the distance. I won’t lie it terrified me.  

The light was absolutely blinding, but in a beautiful way. I wanted to walk into it, but I had a gut feeling that if I did I would never see my parents, my best friends, Blaze or the rest of my family ever again.

I had to find my way out of this place, I had to get back to my life and make everything right again... I just had too.

I found myself walking away from the light, and then I saw her.

She turned to me too, and smiled. Her smile made me feel comfort and it made me believe that she would help me find my way home. I walked towards her, and she sighed, "My dearest Rain, I knew you would find yourself walking amongst me one-day, but I hoped it wouldn't be so soon. Although with your reputation, I should've known better" she chuckled and it soothed me.

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