Supernatural Life*Ray Ray Love Story*

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Aj Santiago-Hair like Ciara,gray eyes,glasses,spanish,5'4,Tanned skin

Likes:Skateboarding,Aventura,Chris Brown,Drake,YMCMB,my phone,texting,hanging out with Harmony and Tyson,being supernatural

Dislikes.being super natural,bullys,hoe,haters and fake people

Harmony Matos-Short curly hair that is half blond and half drak brown,dark brown eyes,5'3,tanned skin

Likes:Hanging out,texting,my phone,Music,Dogs,skateboarding

Dislikes:Fake people,people who think there better then everybody,hoes,sluts,bitches

Tyson Rivera-Fresh cut,white teeth,tanned skin,

Likes:My phone and friends.Thats it and thats all,one more and Skateboarding

Dislike:Everyone who has a problem with me,family, or friends



I woke up to the sound of my alarm clock going off.I bragged my lazy self to the bathroom and took a shower.I stood under the hot water beeming against my skin.I was hot,but i liked it.I stood in there for about 10 min and came out.I changed into white skinny jeans,.I grabbed my cell phone,Bookbag and walked downstairs.I said bye to the toddlers at the foster care and walked out the door.I scrolled through my Iphone for my music,once I came upon Aventura I played Dile Al Amor.I walked down the street to find Tyson and Harmony ew for me.Harmony ran and hugged me.Tyson kept his cool and gave me a dap.We all wanna keep our rep of being well know in school,so we gotta be cool or we lose it.Its that easy to lose it.We started riding our skateboard to school.Tyson always has one for me.I love that kid.

"What we gonna do after school"Tyson asked us.I really dont know what we gonna do.I took out my head cause our song was playing.Danza Kuduro-Don Omar ft Akon

"I don't know"Hamony said doing a 50/50 Grind.

"Maybe we can go to the RatHole"I said,and their faces light up.The RatHole is a club where teenagers go to have fun.We go every other day,and today is the day.Thats how the club is.

"Oh yea,Today Terrence,FiFi,Chole,Ashley,Amanda,Dj,and Danny are gonna be there"Ty said stopping his board cause we are at the school gate.Me and Spoon hoped of our boards.We walked in being greeted by the"Popular kids".

"Hey guys"FiFi said hugging the three of us.We dapped and hugged everyone and walked to our lockers.I grabbed my books and waited for everyone to get there sh*t.Once everyone closed there lockers,FiFi,Terrence,Danny,Chole,Amanda,Ashley,and Dj walked to class,while Me,Spoon,and Ty rode to class.It agianst the rules but whatever.We all walked in class and walked around.Just then the hottest boy in the school,Drew Jones walked in class.Every girl will die to have him even me.He sat at his desk and listened to my music that was still playing.I changed it to No Bullshit-Chris Brown.That was my song.Spoon mouthed me to go over and talk to him,so i did.She doesn't like him.I sat on his desk and faced him.

"Hey D"I said blushing.I looked down cause he will be able to see my red cheeks.

"Hey Aj,wassup"He said smiling.God he has a pretty smile.I wanna tell him he is drop dead sexy.

"Nothin,you going to the RatHole today"I asked wondering if he is.Cause if he is,I know who im dancing with.LoLz.The song changed to Noche de Sexo-Aventura.He started to jam to the song.

"If your there i'll go"He said smiling again showing his white teeth.God help me!!!!

"We all going,It's gonna be dope"I said trying so hard not to jump of joy.He smiled and licked his lips.

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