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Chapter 2

Jamie's POV

My eyes fluttered open and i sat up in my cherry wood king sized bed. I sat there for about 5 minutes while all the events from yesterday came flying back to me. Deciding to take a shower i got out of my bed and made my way to my en suite. I grabbed a towel, turned on the water and stripped down, stepping into the warm water. I did the essentials before just standing there letting the scorching water pelt down on me.After standing there for a good 30 minutes i decided to stop being lazy and get out of the shower. I turned off the water and stepped out wrapping myself in a fluffy white towel. I put my hair in a pony tail and went into my walk in closet. I put on a pair of teal skinny jeans and a white flowy tank top. I went back into my bathroom and put on some mascara and some lipstick before grabbing my keys and purse and leaving my room. When i got downstairs i wen into the kitchen and smiled at Kaitlyn, are head chef.

" Good Morning Miss Jamie, what can I get you for breakfast? " she asked me.

" Can I please have some waffles? " I politely asked her. She nodded and went to work.

I went into the dinning room and saw Mark drinking his coffee and checking his emails on his phone.

" Good Morning Honey " he said to me. Wait ' Good Morning '? ' Honey '?He must have seen my confused look because he sighed.

" Jamie I know you hate me but I really did do this for the best. I didn't want you to get hurt by a idiotic loser like some girl do. Mitchel Elzic ( Alex's Daddy! ( ; ) was a friend from college and when I found out that he had a son that's only 1 year older then you I decided to research him and when I did I saw that he was kid. " he said.

" Waiit! So how long have I been in this arranged marraige for? " I asked.

" Since you were about 8. So you have been in it for about 8 years. "

I really wanted to hate him but i just couldnt. He did this for me and it was really sweet of him. I went over and hugged him. At first he stiffened but then he hugged me back. I let go after about a minute and went an sat back down at my seat, which now had a big plate of golden waffles with whipped cream and strawberries in front of it.

When i was done I kissed Mark on the cheek and told him I was going to the mall and that I would have my phone. When I got into my car I went on the group chat that had everyone in are ' group ' in it. ' does any1 need a ride 2 the mall? ' right away i got a text back saying that Grace and Marcus. Texting back that i would be there soon i drove out of my driveway and into the street.

When I got to Grace's house I honked my horn and she came out looking nervouse.

" hey Gracie, whats wrong? "

" Well, umm, well..... "

" Grace spit it out! " I said impatiently as i reversed out of there drive way.

" Fine! Me and Marcus went on a date on Thursday and he kissed me and I'm nervous to see him because maybe he doesn't like me anymore! " she said looking terrified. Grace had liked Marcus since grade 6. Right now she was in her Sophomore year of High School.

" Grace, your a great girl! If he kissed you then he must REALLY like you! Like come on its Marcus were talking about here! Give it time and i bet that by the time we get to the mall you guys will be holding hands! " she rolled her eyes but smiled. I turned up the radio and sang loudly all the way to Marcus's house.

When we got there he came out of the house and slid into the seat beside Grace.

" ' Eh Jame whats up? " he asked me. I laughed but ended up telling him and Grace the whole story.

" Well at least he's christian, " Grace , the most holy out of are group , said. Now dont get me wrong, I am a huge follower of Christ to but I'm not as intense as Grace.

When we pulled into the mall parking lot at 9:55 i looked in the mirror and saw that Marcus and Grace were holding hand and he was whispering stuff in her ear to make her giggle. I smiled at them but sadly had to interrupt there ' moment '

" You guys are cute and all but were going to be late so lets GO!! " I half yelled making Grace blush and Marcus wink at me.

When we got to The Blend everyone was there and waiting for us.

" Sorry were late guys, these two love birds decided to choose the moment we got here to be all romantic. " I said rolloing my eyes. The group all ' awwwweed ' and I laughed.

" So Jame, Flis said that you have some major new's, whats up? " Robyn asked me. I smiled at her and for the second time that day, launched into my story.

After I was finished they all told me how much that sucked, except Robyn ( The boy crazy one of the group ) who wanted to see a picture of him.

" Sorry R, but i haven't even met him! I will get a picture of him tomorrow night at the dinner and post it in the group conversation " I informed them.

" Well what are we waiting for! Lets go get you a Smokin' outfit for tomorrow! " Jade said. I laughed and nodded. As we were walking to Forever 21 I noticed that Nic was lagging behind the group with his head down. Huh I wonder whats up with him.

" Hey Nic whats wrong? " i asked him, concern leaking into my voice.

" You know how i REALLY like Maria? " he asked me. I nodded.He liked her so much I think it was love! But it wasn't just a one way street. He didn't know it but Maria was like in love with him!

" Well, do you think she would say yes if I asked her out? " he asked me. YES! He's actually taking some inishiative and asking her out!

" What if i told you that I know she would say yes? " I asked him a smile forming on my lips. His eyes widened and he practically gasped.

" How do you know that?! " He asked me frantically. I laughed

" Ohh I have my reasons. " i replied coyly and walked into Forever 21.

By the end of the shopping day I had got 3 pairs of jeans, 4 long sleeved shirts, 2 sweaters, and a REALLY cute white lace dress for the dinner tomorrow night. I new one thing: Alex was going to be BLOWN away!

" JAMIE!! Have you got your dress on!? I need to do your hair and makeup! " Flis yelled from my room. I stepped out of the bathroom and sat down at my beauty table and Flis started her work.

When we arrived at the resturant the hostess led us to a table and we sat down. When we were waiting for my dad, step brothers, and step mom to show up Felicitys phone rang. She sent me a apologetic look and walked over to the bathrooms. 5 minutes later when the rest of my family showed up Flis came back with tears rolling down her face.

" He broke * SOB * up with me!!! " she said and started sobbing on my sholder. My mom looked at her and sighed.

" Felicity, darling why dont you go on home. " my mom said quetily.

" Okay, but i need a ride. " she said looking at my mom greatfully.

" I'll take her home. " Chance, my 17 year old step brother offered.I smiled at him.

" Thank you SO much!! Make sure to come back here though! " i thanked him.

" Of course Sis! Who else is going to play the Protective Older Brother act? " I laughed at him but my laugh was cut short when my gaze feel on a family that was standing at the end of the table.

" Jamie, meet Alex, your fiance! " Mark said beaming. I smiled at Alex and stuck out my hand for me to shake. But he did 1 beter. He took my had and kissed the back of it making me blush and cast my eyes down. I heard my mom cooe from her seat and all I could think was ' He is even more amzing in person! "

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