chapter 13

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*11 days later*

This week with Jordyn has been the best. We did so much together like old times. I even met some of her friends, they were pretty great. 

Jordyn, Matt, Tess and I were all sitting on the porch waiting for my sister to pick me up.

"i wish the week wasnt over" i grabbed Jordyns hand.

"me neither, im gonna miss you so much" she got teary eyed.

"me too, its been really great." i hugged her.

Then my sister pulled up. Before i got in the car i hugged Jordyn.

"Call me more, and ill come visit as soon as possible." we hugged for almost 5 minutes.

"ok, stay strong babe if i dont call atleast once a night you call me." she smiled.

"i will, promise" i started to cry.

"no dont cry, im gonna cry" she cried, then laughed.

"bye girly." i hugged her quickly.

"bye matt and tess it was really nice meeting you guys" and i gave them quick hugs.

"keep in touch," matt said and tess nodded in agreement.

I got into my sisters car then drove away.

"honk the horn'' i demanded.

they all looked at us and i waved and shouted "loveyou."


When we finally got to my house it was already 11 pm. I had school tomorrow, i had to go i didnt wanna fail.

"thanks katie, really" i smiled

"your welcome, its the least i could do for my sister." she smiled.

"okay, well be safe im gonna go back to my friends place loveyou." she said.

"loveyou." i smiled.

I walked in my house, it was so hot the a/c must have been shut off. But it was cold out so i opened the windows and put on some fans.

I turned on the light and watched awkward before taking a shower then going to bed. 


"beep beep beep" my alarm went at 7:00.

"uh great" i thought to myself.

I got up and made my bed like usual, i put on the cloths i picked out the night before, which was a black chiffon shirt and leopard shorts, and put a black cami underneath.  I straightened my hair ate some cereal then i headed out the door. 

I waited at the corner until the bell rand so no one would see me, and when the bell rang i walked inside to my first class which was Geo with mr.burman, and liam. When i got inside everyone looked at me like i was a new kid. and some laughed, probably the video.

"why are you late" mr burman said.

"doesnt matter'' i shot back.

"take your seat." he said.

He was always one of my favourite teachers, he didnt really care i always thought he only asked because it was part of his job.

I sat alone at the back today, because liam was sitting with someone else. There was  a table at the back of the room for when we did group work and i just sat there.

The hour and 15 minutes we were in class felt like 3 days. I was so bad at geo i didnt even care.

"briiiiiing" the bell rang for next class. I went to my locker  put away my geo stuff to head to drama. I noticed a new kid at the school, boy.. light brown/ dirty blonde hair pale skin, his name was conor i believe. he walked past me, and did the same face as me when i got scared in the video. His friends and him laughed like it was actually funny. But how could he have so many friends already, jock im guessing. I seen Zayn, Liam and Niall but i started to walk to my next class, wanting nothing to do with them.

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