Margarets POV

"Will all the double and single scull rower from the chsen countries please report to the rowing bank." a monotone woman announced as it was repeated in several different languges. I hastily walked over with Rebecca and we both sat down by the docks. Nobody was in the stands yet, accept for coaches, family, and close friends. I had thought about inviting Louis, but that would of been slightly awkward, saying as we met yesterday.My thoughts were interupted by the sound of a door closing. It was the enternce for the audiance to flood through, but instead of seeing many people of different age, gender, and hight, I saw 5 teenage boys. One Direction.

Rebecca giggled and poked me in the rib. "I saw you and Louis Tomlinson hanging out yesterday!" Rebcca whisper-yelled in an excited tone. "Yeah. Hes really nice, and better looking in real life." I giggled out. No doubt we looked like gigglesome school girls. After a few moments, ha, moments..... anyway, after a few moments, I saw Rebecca crane her neck, and then quickly duck down, blushing. "Whats up?" i asked in a friendly manor. "Eric came all the way from Hyannis Massachussetts to see us." she breathed. It was obvious they must of really loved each other. It was adorable, really. "No, Becca, Eric came to see you.'' I corrected her. This made her blush more. "Well then, lets give them a good race!" Rebecca nodded. I nodded also in responce.

Ten minutes later, Rebecca and I sat at the ready in our boat; I was in the bow, Becca in the stern. The nerves set in, but quickly went away as the horn blased, signaling that the race had begun. Rebecca set the pace and we stroked with all our power, which said a lot. I couldnt look behind and get distracted. But sitting facing the back i counted 4 boats. Saying as there are 6 boats racing, that meant we were racing in secand. Rebecca yelled to me "ROW!" and i obeyed. The next thing I knew, I saw the fith boat inching behind us. We are in first. Oh my God. We neared the 1500 meter marker, so we had another 500 meters left. All of the other boats were inching farther and farther away. Adrenaline pumped through my blood and i rowed harded. Until I heard the audiance roar. "USA! USA! USA!" was being shouted and I would be both sad, angered, and happy faces. The Americans were chanting various rhymes, but something stuck out. I saw 4 boys with with British flags standing really close to each other, and one boy with an American flag shouting something I couldnt understand. My, God. It was Louis. He had routed for me. Then the realization just hit me. I won freaking first in the first trails. Yeah. Suck it mean competitors that lost.

My heart was swelled with pride, amazment, and I think that Louis Tomlinson made my heart swell mostly from love.


ok, so short chapter!! Yay im bad at writing these!!! Sorry Lou, you shall have a short chapter of nothing but you in the near future. ALSO. Michael phelps, Missy Franklin, Ryan Lochte, and Tom Daley are coming soon!! So is Lottie Vianka and Alex..... :D

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