A/N - Leo aka TOP from BIGBANG


Two weeks had passed and I was waiting at the Starbucks nearby. I read the news that Night&Dawn had broken another record having the most fans wait outside for a fan signing. (In the rain I might add too...) I rolled my eyes and sipped my cappuccino savouring the freshly made taste - unlike the ones from a can I’ve been drinking for the past fortnight.

My anticipation was increasing since my mom was never late, couldn’t they find the right place? Had they forgot? Or were they too busy today? It was Friday after all, the busiest day of the week – the day students would throw their school work on the floor and enjoy the weekend ahead.

I sipped my coffee again to find it running low. I’d been waiting a least forty five minutes and nothing, not even a phone call. I checked my phone to see if it was still working. It was so I didn’t understand why I was still sitting here like a loner.

I read the newspaper that an older man had left behind. Curious to see what the country called ‘news’ back home it mostly consisted of paparazzi pictures of celebrities without make up. I focused on the music part of the news, seeing that rookie groups were appearing in their dozens per week. Each less successful than the last – well isn’t that encouraging?

A chair scraped against the tiled floor. I folded the newspaper back “It’s about time you got he- wait why are you here?” I questioned looking at the man in front of me.

“Free country” He shrugged

“Seriously Leo, I’m not looking for company from you of all people” I rolled my eyes, over the last two weeks Leo (Leader of Night&Dawn aka Mr Arrogant) hadn’t left me alone with the pranks during class. He kept pestering for my answers to the questions and I swear I had multiple bruises on my scalp as proof.

“You look like you’re waiting for someone” He smirked crossing his arms across his chest.

“That I am, but it’s not you, now you may leave” I waved my hand dismissively

The Night&Dawn group had made my life impossibly difficult; Damien’s challenge was unsuccessful on my part. Somehow my shoe lace had come undone and I ended up flying across the room ruining my routine - Losing the challenge almost immediately.  This however, gave me sympathy from the fellow trainees who all agreed Damien was stuck up his own ass that day.

It was completely weird how all of the boys were two different people when at school and in training compared to the boys on stage and in front of a camera. This was based on the fact I had met two of them and they weren’t the nicest of people to be around...

“REEEEEEEEE!” I voice chimed from behind me and an instant smile was brought to my face, I’d missed my brother too damn much.

“San!!!” I smiled picking up my brother in my arms, he felt heavier than last time “You’ve grown!” I laughed- he nodded excitedly as I put him back down holding my back.

“Ahem” an awkward voice murmured

“Oh sorry- San this is Leo, Night&Dawn’s Leo” I rolled my eyes. Whilst the five year olds’ grew to the size of dish plates

“Oh my! You’re like- famous!!!” he squealed

Leo laughed, the first time he actually laughed as he nodded “I guess I am, and who are you little guy? She’s not your mom is she?” His eyebrow rose looking at me

“Ew no! She’s my sister!” San look mortified “I don’t look like her do I, please tell me I don’t!” San whined wriggling out of my arms which were holding him in place.

I laughed and shook my head “San where’s mom?”

“Parking the car and getting something in the car for you!” He smiled and I noticed a tooth missing – how long had that been gone?

“What do you mean ‘getting something for me’ and when did you guys get a car?” I questioned

“Duh! It’s your birthday on Sunday! You’re old!” He laughed his musical laugh “And last week, we went shopping, it has cool seats” he beamed

“Well if I’m getting old you are too!” I giggled ruffling his hair which seemed at least an inch longer.

“Nuh uh!” He whined as my mom walked in carrying a tube in her hand.

“Hey sweetie- oh who’s this?” She asked signalling towards Leo “And where have I seen him before”

“Hello Mrs Kwon, my name is Leo. Night&Dawn’s Leader Leo” He stood bowing then sticking out his hand for to shake.

She blushed and shook his hand “Nice to meet you, would you care to join us? We were going go to the restaurant across the street for lunch.” She suggested whilst I rolled my eyes. My mom didn’t even know the guy and yet she was willing to treat the guy to lunch.

“No mom! Leo here has to go somewhere right Leo?” I asked through my teeth

He shook his head and smiled brightly “Nope, today’s my day off this week and I will be honoured to join you for lunch”

I looked around the room. Something had to be pointed out way right?

“Reanne what are you looking for?” Leo asked

“The camera”

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