Ella's POV

I slowly got my things packed and looked around the room double checking everything that I would need. I knew what was going on. My brother didn't want me to worry about anything, but I knew he was just being a hypocrite. I zipped up my duffel bag and made my way down stairs. Danny was waiting by the door with his bags. He must've not been able to sleep last night. He had bags under his eyes which were bloodshot. I sighed. I wonder how many immortals were honestly able to sleep the night before they find out their fate. Besides vampires, 'cause it would be really stupid to count them when you already know the answer.

"Ready?" He asked giving me a fake smile. I slightly nodded and we made our way to the car we bought with the money we inherited from our parents when they died from....... 'natural' causes. I climbed in the passengers seat while Danny carefully set our bags in the trunk. I slumped in my chair and closed my eyes. A few seconds later I heard the engine roar to life and we were off to England. I curled up in the seat and slowly drifted off to sleep.

I woke up to my brother shaking me awake.

"We're here." He choked out. I looked at a huge building that must've been the 'dome' where the twenty names will be called. I sucked in a breath and looked around, I saw a few vampires and witches walking toward the door. I got out and grabbed my duffel bag slightly hiding behind Danny when some of the vampires past us. It was wierd though, because they had yellow eyes, I've heard about these ones, they eat animals. One of them saw me staring and she smiled and waved without stopping. She looked small and pixie like. I smiled back but I don't think she saw because she was already ten steps ahead of me in only a few seconds. I followed my brother inside and we walked through several halls to get to the end of the line. I have to admit, I was as scared as you'd be if you were just walking straight into hell. It looked like I was the youngest person here, I was only fourteen. My brother was twenty one. I couldn't see the front of the line, there were so many twists and turns and there were hundreds of immortals here. That made me calm down a bit. I could hear people piling up in the line behind me. I figured Danny did too because he moved back a little bit and put his arm around my shoulder slightly pulling me in front of him. He was a very overprotective brother. In a few hours we finally got to the check-in.

"Your names please?" The woman said behind the counter.

"Daniel and Ella Peterson." Danny said. It took her a while to flip through the pages of the book on her desk. She checked the little box next to our names and pointed to where we were supposed to go. Danny politely said thank you and lead me to where we were instructed to go. I faintly heard the people checking in behind us say their names.

"Jacob Bla...." That was all I was able to hear before I was out of hearing length. I stopped behind another line, though at least this one was shorter. It only took a few minutes to get into the room where the names will be called and the 'bloodbath' will be shown on a screen for everyone to see. People were rushing this way and that trying to get good places to stand so they could see the stage and screen clearly. It made me sick. Suddenly someone knocked me over and I got trampled along the floor. I was fine but I couldn't find Danny. I started clawing through the crowd trying to find him. A few minutes later a women walked on stage toward the microphone while I was still trying to find him.

"Hello everyone, listen, if you'd all please stop where you are and focus your attention on me so we can start." She said. Everyone stopped immediately while she introduced herself. "I'm Cordelia, I'll be choosing the names of those lucky twenty of you." Yea, okay, lucky, sure. "Alright. So let's just get started and we can get to the good stuff." She crossed the stage to four bowls, each labeled with shapeshifters, vampires, gifted children, and witches. I took a deep breath. She stuck her hand in the vampires bowl and pulled out the first name. Since I wasn't a vampire, nor was Danny, I relaxed. She walked back to the microphone and opened the paper. "Lilah Tarrison" She read. The red eyed bloodsucker made her way up the stage and to the first spot. She went to the gifted children's bowl. I sucked in a breath and crossed my fingers. "Peter Yander" She said. I breathed I sigh of relief and it went this way for the next fifteen people. Then there was only three people left to go on stage. A vampire, a shapeshifter, and a gifted child. She went to the vampires bowl first and chose the name. She walked to the microphone and read the name I thought I'd never hear again.

"Robert Smith." The vampire who killed my parents. He strolled to his spot on stage and just smirked at the crowd, as of he were happy to be there. I hadn't realized Cordelia had already picked the name for the last shapeshifter until she announced. "Jacob Black." He must've been the person that was behind me in the line. Then came the last name, a gifted child. I sucked in a breath as she walked back to the microphone with the paper. I gasped.

"Ella Peterson."

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