Part5: In the morning

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I woke up the next morning wrapped in Joe's arms. I couldnt remember last night so well, because after an hour of being in the hotel, we drank some.

"What happened?" I groaned sitting up.

"You were great." He sat up next to me.

"You mean we?"

He nodded.

"And I was great?"

He nodded again and kissed me. I wasnt regretting doing that with him. Its just, thats not something id do. To a guy I didnt really know. But oh, well. I bet it was great. I just wish I remembered it...

Someone was knocking on the door. Joe got up and answered it, it was Steven and Kaylee. Kaylee came over and sat next to me.

"I guess we were both doing the same thing last night." She laughed

"I cant remember it though." I said.

"You got drunk?"

I nodded.

"That sucks man.. Im sorry." She sighed.

"Its alright. Ill live. Joe said I did good."

"Really? Same with Steven....."

"Well, this is awkward."


"Talking about this." I laughed.

"Oh, yeah, true." She laughed.

"Oh well, you're my best friend. We tell each other everything. How was it?"

"Good... Good. How about you?"

"Well, what I can remember, it was good. Never thought I would have sex with Joe Perry though." I laughed.

"Same here, but with Steven." She laughed.

"Well, now we have bragging rights." I winked.

"Yeah." She laughed.

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