I woke up wrapped in a familiar smell; it was Luke. I smiled as I remembered what happened last night. Without warning, all of a sudden I was attacked with kisses. I started giggling uncontrollably with squirming trying to get Luke off.

“Luke! Stop please! It tickles!” I laughed at him breathlessly.

“NEVERRRR!” He growled back at me playfully. He smiled at me and gave me one last kiss, before letting me go. I slid off the bed and smiled at him before leaning over to give him a kiss. Just as my lips were nearly touching, I heard Jai’s voice.

“Rosie, I appreciate you waking me up in your underwear, however I need more sleep!” I looked at Jai’s bunk, startled. Then I relaxed when I realised he probably came in after Luke and I were asleep. Giving Luke a quick peck on the cheek, I jumped onto Jai’s bed and gave him a massive cuddle.

“Sorry Jai-bo, I didn’t mean to wake you!” I squeezed him tight before letting him go and skipping across the room. I felt on fire today.

“Hey Rosie?” Luke called at me from his bed. “Everyone’s going down to the beach today because it’s the first weekend in the holidays. You coming too?” Luke smiled at me.

“Of course! I’m gunna go next door though because I need to get changed and showered, meet me in an hour?” I smiled at him.

“Sure thing.” I pulled on his hoody; it was miles too big so it covered half way down my thighs. Satisfied that I could go home in this, I smiled at the boys, grabbed my overnight bag and went to go. “Wait! I forgot something!” Turning back round I went over to Luke and gave him a lingering kiss. I smiled into it and finally went to leave. “Oh Jai, should I invite Kelsey today?” I smiled knowing this would make him smile.

“Would you? Oh and what’s going on between you and Luke?” Jai asked. I smiled and tapped the side of my nose.

“Love you both!” I turned and skipped down the hall, hearing “Bro, you better tell me what’s going on!” coming from Jai.

Giving Gina a quick hug, I ran across the lawn and into my house. I closed the front door, leaning against it and smiling to myself.

“Rosie! How are you sweetheart?” Dad came down the stairs and picked me up in a massive hug.

“I’m great dad, just great.” I grinned at him.

“Oooooooh, I know that voice! Who is it? Is it a boy? Do I know them?” He asked me a million questions, not giving me room to get an answer in.

“Yes it’s a boy, yes you know them, no I’m not telling you who it is!” I poked my tongue out at his expression. “Dad, you can’t say anything to mum though! You know how she is.” I turned serious as I held out my pinkie to him.”

“Pinkie promise, turn around, touch the ground, get some chocolate!” Dad shouted at me. I smiled at him and our little ritual for when I needed a chat about something secret.

“Ok, well, you get the chocolate. I need a shower, I’m going out with Kels and the boys today.” I gave dad a hug and ran off up the stairs. “I’ll call you when I’m dressed! We’ve got some serious outfit picking to do!” I said in my weirdest American accent. Dad replied in an equally as weird one, “Sure thaaaang hunny!”

I jumped in and out the shower in record time and threw on some jogging bottoms and a vest top, calling down to dad, “YOU MAY BRING UP THE CHOCOLATE!” Sitting down at my dressing table, I started to apply minimal makeup. As we were going to the beach I didn’t see the need to put loads on, it’d just come off again. Dad walked in with a bowl in his hands. Setting it down on the side, he collapsed on my bed.

“So Princess, where are you going today? It’s meant to be pretty hot!” Dad reached over for the bowl and popped a bit of chocolate in his mouth.

“We’re going to the beach, so I was going to wear a bikini underneath and shorts and a floaty top?”

I finished my makeup and walked over to my wardrobe. I picked out a floral bikini and some denim shorts. “Dad help me choose a top?”

“What about this one?” he held up a ¾ length sleeved top. It had a big read heart on the front and it was made out of floaty white material. Luke had bought it for me when we went shopping a few weeks back. I grinned at dad. “It’s perfect.”


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