“After some negotiating we decided Harry was Benjamin, Zayn was Corey, Niall was Logan, Louis was Aunt Betty and Liam was Eliana. I put away all of my things, brushed my hair real quick (what? I didn’t want to look like a wreck!) and checked to see if the coast was clear. It was, so I motioned the boys to quickly step out to make it to the limo.”

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Delilah’s POV:

                We walked somewhat naturally. ‘Aunt Betty’ kept tripping over her heels, so I had to help her. We actually made it to the limo alive. I shoved the boys inside, but I was stopped by Paul. “Don’t worry Paul, she’s a friend,” Harry assured him and winked at me. I think I was blushing, but I hoped not. I ended up squashed in between Niam and Larry, with Louis on Harry’s lap and Niall on Liam’s. Zayn sat by the window, looking thoughtful and serious as usual. I gasped – Uncle Dan and Aunt Karen! I had forgotten to text them or call them about the whole situation, they were probably worried sick! I reached into my pocket and pulled out my phone – I only got 1 text.

Aunt Karen: Hi love! We’re going be kind of late, the traffic is horrible! Call me when you get the chance! xoxo Auntie Karen

                I sighed in relief. “Hey guys, I’ve gotta call my aunt,” I announced. They nodded and promised to be quiet. I dialed her number. It rang a few times before I heard “Hello?”

                “Hey Aunt Karen, it’s Delilah.”

                “Oh hey, we’re still stuck in traffic. How are you doing?”

                “I’m fine. I found some new friends, they’re taking me to their house – right?” I turned to the boys at that last part, and they all nodded their approval.

                “Okay, well if you found friends, then I suppose you can stay there… what’s their name?” I could hear the uncertainty in her voice.

                “Oh, erm… it’s One Direction, a famous boyband.”

                “That one you were obsessing over?” she chuckled. I blushed, and saw Harry smirk at me. I guess he heard – great.

                 “Maybe… so can I?”

                “Yeah, I suppose that’s alright.”

                I thanked her and hung up. The boys all stared at me. “I am allowed to stay at your place until she picks me up,” I explained. The boys all cheered and hooted while I rolled my eyes. They can be so immature. I felt a hand on mine and looked over. Harry was looking at me, his green eyes pleading.


                Harry’s POV:

                Okay, so I grabbed her hand. WHY?! I do NOT like Delilah. Even though her hair was so beautiful, and her lips looked so –

                Harry. Stop right where you are. FINE, I have a crush on Delilah Starr! I looked at her at the same time she looked at me. Her eyes were confused, but I saw her relax after a while. I leaned over and whispered, “Do you have a boyfriend?” She blushed and shook her head slightly. It took all of my will power not to start throwing a dance party. I turn away, thinking “I think I want to kiss her. I need to kiss her.” I turn around and smash my lips against hers.


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