Flower Crowns (McKelly)

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Sorry for it being so short, but I hope you enjoy regardless!

Christmas oneshots will start coming out if I can get some ideas rollin'!



Kurt was growing agitated. What was Mac doing, and why couldn't he look? He sighed, “Babe?”

“Hm?” The blonde in yellow replied, fiddling with something he couldn't recognize.

“What are you doing?” He asked. He wanted to know what she was doing, because the darker part of his mind was constantly saying she was fiddling with a knife, which she wasn't. He knew that. Heather responded with a small, childish giggle.

“You'll see, love,” She beamed, continuing to do what she was doing originally, as Kurt patted his knees in impatience. Mac continued to make the flower crown, having her nose covered with a golden bandana she carried around due to her severe allergy to pollen in the warmer spring and summer months.

“Can I atleast have a hint?” The jock sat with his back turned asked, “Why is your voice muffled?”

“Allergies,” Heather replied with a shrug, keeping her gaze on her task at hand, “and the hint is,” She gave a ‘Hmm’ noise, as she paused, “the hint is.. Nature.”


“Mhm,” She giggled at his confusion, “Do you think you can work it out?”

“Hmm..” Kurt tapped his chin, “Daisy chains?”

“Close,” Mac chuckled, picking another flower up with her gloves, careful not to touch her skin with the pollinated part of it, ‘For Kurt.’ She smiled at the thought. After all, he was the one she was making this for despite the fact he hadn't asked for it, and that she herself was severely allergic.

“...Wait, aren't you allergic to pollen?” He asked, as the yellow clad girl nodded with a giggle.

“Yeah, but don't worry, I've covered myself up,” She reassured, as Kurt exhaled through his nose.

“But you can't just—”

“Too late, I am.”

“But—” Mac poked his nose from behind with a dorky grin.

“Nope!” She giggled, “No ifs, no buts, no coconuts!” She chanted like seven-year-old child trying to scold like an adult. Kurt snorted, a smile forming.

“Alright, alright, I'll wait,” He chuckled,i “Just don't have an allergy attack, please.”

“Will do!”

“So can I see now—”

“No!” Mac pouted, folding her arms, “Be patient, Kurry.” Kurt groaned.

“You know I hate that nickname!”

“Which is exactly why I use it!” Mac giggled evilly, “Now, stay still!” She ordered, as she placed the flower crown on his head, then handed him a mirror. She laughed when his face lit up.

“Thank you,” He spoke, in awe, as he hugged her, making sure not to get the pollen on her, as she giggled.

“I've never been this happy since the day you lost that bet to Dukie!” She teased when he let go, pouting.

“If you hadn't of overheard that conversation—!” He was cut off by Mac pulling down her bandana for a moment and kissing him, before pulling it back up. He sat, dazed for a moment, before shaking his head with a chuckle, “I love you too much, you know.”

“I know,” Mac chuckled, running her gloved hand through his hair and adjusting the crown, “Though, you do look good in a skirt, love.”

“Shut up..”

“It was adorable! Plus, you rock that skirt sway, hunk.” Kurt’s face rivaled Heather Chandler's blazer, causing his girlfriend to giggle.


“No problem!” The blonde cheered, pulling the other to his feet before getting up herself, “Come on, let's get to that football game. You're gonna do great,” She reassured, as Kurt chuckled.

“You're my favourite cheerleader.”

“And you're my favourite footballer!” Kurt chuckled, picking Mac up in his arms and carrying her towards their high school, to get ready for a game against Westerburg's worst enemy: The Razorbacks. Kurt smiled gingerly down at the girl in his arms as they continued to chat to eachother.

If this wasn't true love, he didn't know what was.

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