The battle

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Opal stopped running when Emma was snatched up by one of the decepticon's that were ruining HongKong.

"Give her back!"

Opal growled and glared up at the robot, she always told Emma the story's of autobot's and decepticon's, and now this might be the story of how they die was all she could think.

"Opal look out!"

Emma pointed behind Opal and she only had enough time to turn to see Strafe come crashing down on the decepticon and tore into it as Emma fell to the ground.


Opal quickly ran towards her best friend and picked her up, since Opal was 16 and Emma was 14 it was easy for her to carry her smaller friend.

As Strafe tore apart the con, it tried to fire at him only causing it's shots to hit a building till Strafe finally tore it's head off and dropped it to the ground. Both of Strafe's heads turned to look at the two humans that were watching in horror as the building started to lean then fall straight towards them. He turned his head towards the other street as Grimlock came charging and stood over the small femme's, the building crashing down on his back and crumbling off to his sides, Opal and Emma safely underneath him.

Grimlock snorted at the sight of the dead decepticon and moved off the girls when Strafe lowered his head's towards them. They were both breathing but unconscious, laying in a heap.

Picking one up each they went back into battle, following their leader Optimus prime. At the end of the day, Optimus grant them their wish and let them be free. Grimlock turned and took off with the rest of his dinobots following as they ran into the lands of HongKong.

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