Chapters Twenty-Seven: You are my only weakness.

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Chapters Twenty-Seven: You are my only weakness.

Monday Afternoon.

LYDIA'S eyes fluttered open to see a room that she'd never been in before. Though she did recognise the guy sitting in the chair beside her bedside.

"George?" She whispered, squeezing his hand to wake him. She remembered the morning clearly and wanted to see if George was alright.

So far, with the side of his face that she could see, Lydia saw no damage. Maybe George didn't get hit.

Taking a deep breath, Lydia tried to reassure herself that George was okay and hadn't passed out in the chair. "George," she whispered loudly and this time George's eyes shot open.

"You're awake," George exclaimed, reaching up to cup her cheek, "how are you feeling?"

Lydia smiled, "I should be asking you that question." Shaking his head, George rested his forehead against Lydia's gently, "you scared me, Lydia."

She could see the tears forming in his beautiful green eyes, he was really scared. Putting her hand over the hand he had been cupping her cheek Lydia smiled, "I'm okay, George. I'm not going anywhere, I promise."

Wrapping her arms around him, Lydia pulled him onto the bed so she could comfort him. She didn't want him to feel as this was his fault. It wasn't.

She wasn't going to blame anyone for this. She was only going to learn from this and move on with her life.

All George needed was Lydia's arms around him, for him to break down. He was overwhelmed with everything that had been happening and the thoughts of Lydia hurting.

"It's all okay now, George. We're all going to be okay." He heard Lydia whisper into his ear as his head rested in the crook of her neck.

All he ever needed and wanted was her. He didn't know what he'd do if he lost Lydia and he didn't want to find out.


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