Fading light

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Character one darkest days

Caden's p.o.v.

The house was too large to live in alone. I desided to buy a new slave for company and food. She would be more of a blood bank to me than anything. So I sat in a metal folding chair in the auction house waiting for the bidding to start. A man tapped on my shoulder politely I turned to face the stranger , his sent I didn't recognize, his face however I had seen so were before.

"Can I help you"? I asked calmly

"yes, one quick question sir, would like to look at the slaves before the bidding, you may find one you like."

"Alright," I answered simply rising from my seat to follow the stout vampire who I guessed was the auctioneer. He led me through a long empty hall that led to a large holding room full of splintering wood cells. I wandered through the rows of cells seeing girls that were ether too young or laying dead in there prisons. It was not uncommon though, the slaves were not fed while on auction so if they weren't sold they starved. A pain full way to die but that's how the king ran things and nothing could be done.

Taylor's p.o.v.

I leaned against the wall of my wooden cell and counted the splinters in my handles and feet for amusement. I bared the pain in my stomach as it growled so loudly I thought others would here. A man suddenly appeared in my cell door he was tall and skinny but strong and his eyes were brown with a reddish tint. He was hungry I decided. He looked at me intently at me studying me. Max followed closely behind him witch meant that he could be my master.

"tell me about this one." he said

" her name is Taylor she is 15" Max told him

"how much?" He asked

" A thousand" stated max. The mans eyes went wide but he nodded and they left. I didn't know whether or not they would come back. They did though and I was ordered to follow the tall man to his car. I sat in the back of his black charger. He looked in the rear view mirror directly at me as he drove and spoke calmly.

"My name is Caden, you can call me master or sir wich ever you want. You are not to talk to anyone in the house except for me and then only when you a spoken to, do you understand?" he asked I nodded as the light turned green and Caden turned his attencion back to the road. We arrived at the house a short while later. It was a large modern style home but had a strange vibe I couldn't quite place.

he led me through the halls and took me to a large room with two beds and a TV and in the corner of the room was a small desk and a tiny lamp that gave the room almost no light. A small girl walked into the room she looked to be about nine r ten and she seemed exhausted. I nodded to her and she nodded back before collapsing onto the floor.

I looked at Caden carful not to give eye contact and watched as he just entered at her as if expecting her to get up I said nothing knowing better than to interfere.

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