Calm The Fire: 131

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Upon entering the Lonely Mountain again the company who had been sent to Lake Town to see the Healers, couldn't help but look about with mouths partially agape.

“Miracle workers,” Bofur mumbled while looking up at the cleared door. There were no more signs of a barricade even being there. Or a door in fact. For the moment the Mountain was without any doors, they had yet to fashion any. But the pathway leading to the door was cleared. The stonework beneath all the mud and grime had been revealed. The Lonely Mountain now had its path back, and its doorstep.

“They're a bunch of miracle workers. How long have we been gone?” Bofur looked to the side.

Glóin shifted his weight and crossed his arms. “A few hours, I’d say.” He said and then moved forwards when a familiar child came rushing towards him. “Gimli!” Glóin had been awaiting his son and wife to appear since the battle had ended. Slowly but surely more and more Dwarves had travelled over. Glóin surely thought that Aknietta and Gimli would have come with Dis, but they didn't. But they were here now, and that was enough to cause him great happiness.

Moving past the family reunion the rest of the company walked through the gaping doorway. By now many torches had been lit. Night was slowly making an appearance which meant there was great need for lights. The torches caused warm orange to glow over everything and anything.

The floor in the foyer had been swept and seemingly washed. The brickwork gleamed dimly underneath the torch light. To either side the corridors were illuminated in much the same way. Torches hang in their places on the walls all along the stretching expanse of the corridor.

“This,” Dis said at length while turning and looking up at everything. “This is home.” She said surely while looking up at the ceiling above her. Slowly she looked down at the rest of her companions.

Thorin could only nod agreeing with her. Though between them all they had each played a part in restoring Erebor to how it once was. It wasn't until the few hours passed that they were all in Lake Town that the real transformation had taken place.

Beside Thorin Balin looked around with wide eyes. He couldn't quite believe it, even Dwalin looked at a loss and he most often than not always had a comment to share. Those who had known what the Lonely Mountain was once like were in shock. For the Mountain they were now standing in, was truly like the one of old. The one which they all surely thought they had lost.

Bilbo smiled, his previous thoughts of enjoying the peace within the cavernous space had returned. Now that there were torches lit it seemed like such an inviting place. He felt at peace, despite still standing in the foyer with everyone else.

“I take it by that reaction, you approve.” A voice said. Everyone looked to the side where Dain was walking from. He was a rather serious looking Dwarf, none of them had exactly witnessed him crack a smile, or joke, or even laugh. For the most part – much like Dwalin – Dain's hair was only covering the bottom half of his head. A dark grey which was the same colour as his beard as well.

“You're a miracle worker.” Bofur popped up again and looked at him with wide eyes.

Shaking his head, Thorin moved forwards and nudged Bofur gently out of the way. “Thank you,” he clapped Dain on the shoulder. “For everything.”

Dain shrugged and let out a sigh. “It was nothing.” He said casually while turning away and looking about himself. “It'll get there,” he said while looking at Thorin. “We still have much to do.”

Thorin gave a slow nod at this and rubbed his chin in thought. “We do, but for the most part I think we have done enough for the last few days to warrant a rest.” He said thoughtfully while looking up at the Dwarf in front of him.

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