tales of my mid teenage crisis

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Hi, my name is Tariq and I'm 16. I'm here today because if I hadn't came I would be sent to a state penitentairy for arson and attemped murder. I'm also here because i have no where else to go no one I can talk to about any of this and i'm not sure i want to tell you my story or not but i dont think i really have a choice and i also don't really know how to start so ill guess i have to start at the begining so here it goes.

I was born febuary 22 1996 to Demetria and Joseph in Lansing Michigan, when i was born my mother was 22 and my father 24. i was the third born of 5 children to be born from the 2 of them, i was a middle child and not only a middle but THE middle child dead center always. i grew up in a loving family all the children got along and we all thought it was going to last forever well we were wrong it wasnt going to. 10 years 6 months and 3 days after my birth my family left our home in michigan and moved to Charlotte North Carolina.

I didnt have anything against the move i hated Michigan anyways nothing ever happened there and i didn't really have friends, yea i didn't really mention that i didn't have friends as i child all i had was family and they where all i thought i needed, and yet again wrong.

We moved into a small suberb and we where happy for a while and things where good, there was a little tension but we where new and it was kind of expected you know? But then school started and i was going into the fith grade, normaly by fith grade everyone has already established who there friends are so going into fith grade as the new kid was pretty ruff ecspecially since i was the wierd new kid.

I wasn't the kid who ate paste and playdoe or anything like that i was just, well, wierd i liked sience and math but hated work and people, i wasn't antisocial i just knew what i didn't like and if i didn't like you i avoided you, and if you kept at it i'd end up hurting you hurting you badly. Another thing was that i was skinny really skinny like a toothpick and i wore harry potter glasses, big circular glasses, and i had tiny dread locks that were always sticking up and i always carried my lucky pair of scissors in my pocket.

So i was basically the weirdest kid ever and i knew i was weird but i never really cared i enjoyed my wierdness it was just who i was and i was fine with it.  better than fine i loved it but it didn't help with getting friends.

But somehow i mannaged to get 2, 2 actual people that were just as weird(or as close as possible) as me. there names where Jalen and Cory. Cory actually was the paste kid but in like kindergarden,  he'd lived in Charlotte all his life and everyone knew him as the kid who ate paste. Jalen on the other hand was a new kid just like me but the total opposite, he was actually from charlotte but had to change schools because his parents got devored; he was the youngest in his family and lived in the shadow of his brother all his life. Jalen was actually alot more fucked up than me, well not when i met him but he changed we all did.

i dont really feel like telling you the rest of my childhood for the most part it was boring. i was a freak with freak friends and we all loved it until we got seperated the start of our 8th grades, but again it doesnt really matter because i made new friends and suddenly wasnt a freak anymore because being weird was now considered "cool" not football star or cheerleader cool but cool in its own right cool for not caring  what others thaught about you even though you secritly did cool for no reason at all thats what happened 8th grade, i became "cool". i also had my first girlfriend and my first kiss in 8th grade. it was the first time in my life that i could feel completly and uterrly happy but, all good things must come to an end, and for me all good things ended the very same year they began.

by the end of 8th grade i had had my first of nearly everything and 8th grade boy could ever want, besides sex, but it doesnt matter none of that matters. its what happened on march 27 2009 that matters, on that day my life ended for the very first time since i was born. my first girlfriend ever had broken up with me; now i know that doesnt sound like much but she was my first of everything, my first kiss, my first love, my first "i love you" and not only the first "i love you" but the first i love you's with feeling. and she broke up with me, no less to go out with a guy she had been cheating on me with since febuary. my birthday is in febuary. so she was the first ending and also the true start of my mid teenage crisis.

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