Chapter 16

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Chapter 16:

After Derek took me home last night I was speechless. My night with him was so amazing. He gave me a kiss goodnight and then drove off into the darkness. I lay in my bed, reflecting on my night. Normally I do something stupid but last night was so perfect it was too good to be true.

This morning was beautiful, everything was beautiful. The birds were singing and the ocean waves were crashing against the beach. I looked out at the ocean from my balcony and smiled. My mind was concentrating on Derek and his gorgeous blue eyes and amazing body. Was it possible that he really liked me? After a minute I heard a familiar voice from downstairs.

“Trish.” I said to myself.

I ran downstairs and Trish was in the living room with Ron. I ran up to her and gave her a big hug. I didn’t even know why I was so happy to see her.

“I have so much to tell you!” I said.

“I have so much to tell you!” She said.

We went outside and walked down to the beach. We took our shoes off and let the sand squish between our toes as we walked.

“Okay you go first.” Trish said, smiling.

“No you go first.” I said.

“Okay well…” She paused. “…I’m dating Ron.”

“You are?!” I said, excited.

“I am!” She said back.

“Congratulations! You decided to give him a chance?” I asked.

“Yeah, I figured I have one life to live so I want to be happy and I can’t keep living in fear.”

“Good for you!” I said, encouragingly.

“Okay so what’s your news?” She asked.

“I am dating Derek.” I said, hesitating.

“Derek, the cutest employee at Al Maut?” She asked, jaw dropping.

“Yeah.” I said, smiling.

“Oh my gosh, I am so jealous. How did it happen?” She asked.

“Well I went on my first real date with him last night and it just kind of happened.” I said.

“I am so happy for you!” Trish said, as she hugged me.

We walked along the beach for a little while longer, talking about our expectations for our new relationships. I promised Trish I would keep Ron in order but she couldn’t promise me the same thing with Derek.

When we went back to the house Ron and Trish were very open about their display of affection. They were constantly hugging each other. They looked so happy. They were made for each other. There was no doubt about that. I only hoped that Derek and I could be that happy in our relationship.

Derek calls me every night. He has never said “I love you” yet but I don’t expect him to. For some reason he insists on telling me his work schedule and he is constantly reminding me not to call him and that he will call me. I do what he says and I never call him. He calls me at the same time every night and ends our conversation at the same time every night. We are usually on the phone for two hours exactly. So far this relationship is working out perfectly. I couldn’t imagine it any other way.

 It’s good that I don’t hang out with him every night because I still need time to be with my family. Ron is usually never around anymore but when I do see him he expresses his love for Trish. When Lori is home she always tells me about how stressed she is but she has never asked me about my relationship. She probably doesn’t expect me to have one but that’s okay. I would rather her not know about Derek right now.

Overall, life is going exactly how I want it to. There is no drama or confrontation between any body and everything is going great.

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