Chapter Eleven

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“I think we lost them.” I said, when we both caught our breath after that wild goose chase.

                “I think so as well.” Zayden said, looking for clues as to where we were, exactly.

I remembered our last dialogue with the Regals and immediately shoved Zayden. “Stupid! What did I tell you about speaking?”

“What? You’re yelling at me?”

“Of course! If you hadn’t spoken like I told you not to, they wouldn’t have chased us! Now the whole town will be looking for a Juniper Sparks and a Herbert Ophelius!”

“It’s your fault – you’re the one who told them our names!” he crossed his arms across his chest. “Plus, if I hadn’t come in I bet he would have just dragged you away to his harem.”

I couldn’t believe Zayden’s insolence. “I could have escaped from his grasp myself!” I turned around and refused to speak to him, walking towards the nearest building.

“That would not make me much of a fiancé now would it?” he snapped back.

                I ignored him and looked up at a sign that read ‘Cheap Night Inn’. I looked through the window but saw nobody at the desk. Zayden walked past me, bumping my shoulder. He walked in and I followed him almost mechanically.

                Zayden walked over to the desk. “Hello?” he called. “Anybody home?”

“Of course nobody’s home, this is an inn.” Some man called from the room behind the desk. He came out, ruffling his scruffy dark hair. He was an old looking man, with wrinkles and little moles on his face. “Can I get you two a room?”

                “How much does it cost?” Zayden asked.

                “A silver piece per hour. How many hours will you need it for?” the innkeeper looked at Zayden and then to me. “Two? Three?”

                Zayden started laughing, but I didn’t get it. I scowled at him. “Why are you laughing?”I asked. “Don’t be rude to the man.”

                “Nothing.” He said, looking at me miraculously.

                “Young’uns.” The innkeeper said, shaking his head. “How many hours will it be? I want to sleep, unlike everyone else here.”

                Zayden looked at me. “How many hours do you want, love?” Zayden asked, imitating Jelice. I punched him in the shoulder.

                “Don’t laugh.” I warned. I looked at the innkeeper. “We’re going to need the whole night, please. We’ll be moving on in the morning.”

                Zayden started cracking up again and I wondered what was wrong with him. The innkeeper seemed impatient so I grabbed the silver coins from Zayden’s hand and gave it to the innkeeper who in turn, gave me a key.

                “Enjoy your night.” He huffed, going back to his room.

                “Thank you. You as well.”

                Zayden was still laughing himself senseless so I grabbed his hand and pulled him up the staircase with me.

“He has nobody to enjoy his night with.” Zayden said when we were out of hearing reach of the innkeeper.

                “Stop laughing!” I shouted, pulling my hand out of his. I crossed my arms across my chest and looked for our room.

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