Chapter 3

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"I felt insane before, like I could not be free. Took another road, to find my way home."

 Jupiter rising- Home

 Its been six months of traveling seeing the world and meeting different people, and learning different culture each place I stop and visit it made me feel happy I learn there's life besides partying and hanging out in order to live you have to have a purpose a reason to live if not then whats the point. I last stop at taxes where I met some very inter-ting cow boys which I didn't think would still be around. I learn how to ride a horse, cook a mean BQ, hunt which I didn't like so much, I slept under the starts and its funny you don't realize how bless and lucky you are when you take a minuter to stop and breath you know being in taxes staying in a small town not having access to any thing got me to understand the beauty of this land and at night everything is breath taking those stars are nothing compare the Hollywood walk of fame.

 I felt on this trip it really changed and helped me grow I told my self the next trip I got to will be the last no matter what even if its a place I been to before I'm going to find me a place to stay and get a job once I get my self started I will start thinking about college that dosn't mean on this trip I totally forgot about my mom their were moments where I didn't want to go out and just stay in my  hotel my dreams become less scary and I learn to change it or at lest block it I felt good in control of my life unlike where I was in Cali I was lost.

 I hop in the next plane and said my good bye.


 I arrived in North Carolina state capital Raleigh as I got off the bus everything looked to big I guess cause most of the buildings were built on tall hills or mountains this looks like my kind of town. The first then I did is rest of an apartment  now that was taking care of I wanted to go site seeing things are a lot cheaper here and the food is amazing.

 I wanted to go shopping and by some business type clothes since I'm going to be looking for a job soon I was at the mall going though a rack of business suites when I hear a bunch of laughter and giggling I turn my head wonder who is so loud.

 "Jace?" I whispher to me slef but quickly his eyes reaches mines as if he heard me.

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