Chapter 3: I've Got This

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I snuggled into the pillow I was laying on. I don't know how I got here,but I was glad I didn't collapse on the floor. I looked to my side to see a sleeping Deidara in the bed across the room. It was totally silent so my guess was it was late at night. I wondered if any of the other Aktsuki were awake. I was feeling a little better,well enough to walk at least. I guess I should be embarrassed that Deidara had to carry me back,which I am,but still at least he didn't  tie me up and drag me.

I slowly and quietly crept across Deidara's room,careful not to wake him. "Were you going?" Guess I failed......"Uh,funny story really..." I quickly replied turning around to face him. "You passed out you know. You really shouldn't be up and walking." He stated walking over to me. "I'm feeling a lot better now. I just need a glass of water." He opened the door to his room and walked out. "Well I guess I can't let you walk around by your self." He chuckled as I walked out of his room.

The hallway was dark and quiet as we made our way towards the kitchen,seeing as how I was insanely hungry and my stomach was growling so loud it could wake the entire hideout. I rubbed my stomach and desperately tried to shut it up. Deidara looked at me and I could tell he was trying not to laugh. "It's not funny. I haven't eaten all day." I pouted. We turned into a large room consisting of beige walls, a black ceiling, a stove, black marble counters, a wooden dining table and a fridge in the corner.

"We had it decorated a little 'cause it's where we spend  most of our time." Deidara joked. "You like eggs?" He asked as he bent down to look in the fridge. That boy is so damn tall. I nodded in response. He took out the eggs and walked over to the stove. I sat down in one of the chairs and ran my fingers over the smooth surface of the wooden dining table. It was beautiful. Not even a scratch. I heard light footsteps walk into the kitchen and looked up to see a tired Sasori. He looked at me and then at Deidara and muttered something about a house wife before he sat down three seats away from me.

Every one in a while I would sneak a quick glance at him. I was too embarrassed to talk to him right now considering the recent events. Deidara set a plate of scrambled eggs in front of me and and sat down with his own. Sasori got up,walked out of the kitchen and flicked on the t.v. "This is really good." I stated between mouthfuls. He smiled in response and continued on his own food.

I got up to bring my dish over to the sink and heard a few more sets of feet walk into the room. They each sat down at the table except for Itachi who walked over to the stove with bacon and a box of pancake mix. "Hey." I said as I walked over to him. I never really got to know Itachi,well I guess that's because I haven't actually talked to him yet. "Hey." He simply replied as he put bacon strips on a sizzling pan. "Are you cooking for everyone else?" I asked. He nodded. "Did you eat?" He asked not taking his eyes off the pan. "Yeah." I answered.

Deidara got up from his spot at the table and walked over to me. "Everyone! Say hi to Suzuki." Deidara grabbed my shoulders and put me right in front of him while placing his elbow on my head like I was some sort of arm rest. I felt a blush creep up my cheeks as I felt nine pair of eyes burn into me.Even Sasori who was currently channel surfing looked up for a second. Deidara started pointing to each of them and said their names.

"That's Hidan,over there is Zetsu, on your right is Kakuzu, to your left is Kisame, the boring one watching t.v is Sasori and this is Itachi." He finished. The one called Hidan wiggled his eye brows at me, Kisame gave me this creepy toothy grin, Kakuzu glanced up at me for a minute and looked back down at what ever he was doing, Zetsu waved looking oddly excited, Itachi continued to cook and Sasori took one last look at me before stating "Whatever." When everyone was done staring at me I quickly made my way towards the exit thinking that I'd get some training in. I slipped out the door praying that no one saw me. I didn't want to talk to anyone right now after the stares everyone was giving me. 

The training ground was about a normal size, a few training dummies one or two targets and the entire thing was surrounded by trees. The whole place made me feel at peace, at least until I heard a stubble set of foot steps behind me. I tripped a little on Deidara's cloak as I turned around to face whoever was behind me. "Shouldn't you be back at the hide out?" Sasori stated as he walked closer to me. "I'm not a child, I can take care of myself." I huffed as I crossed my arms and turned around. "Oh yeah? And how old are you miss 'I can take care of myself'?" He stated in a teasing voice.

"I'm nineteen thank you very much!" I stated as I took a kunai out of my pouch and threw it directly at the target, hitting it right on the mark. "Alright then." He said as he threw his own kunai and knocked mine out of the way allowing his to hit the target instead. "You're throwing too light. Here, hold it like this." He said as he took my hand and placed it a certain way around the kunai. "Turn your wrist a little then throw it hard." I did as he said and threw it. My kunai split his in half and went right through the target and hit the tree about twelve meters behind it. "Wow." I stuttered, surprised at my own strength.

"Told you." He said smugly as he started to walk away. "Wait! Where are you going?" I yelled to him. "Back to the hide out you should go too, Deidara's probably having a fit." He stopped walking and turned around to face me. "I- I don't want to yet. Can you help me a little more?"  He rolled his eyes and ran his fingers through his red hair and topped it off with a long sigh. "Am I that much trouble?" I stated pretty anoyed. "Actually-" "Never mind. Don't answer that." I cut him off. There was a long scilence and then he spoke. "What are your strengths?" "What?" I asked. "I said what are your strengths?" He asked again. "So does that mean your training me?" I said excitedly. "Duh. Now answer the question." He answered sounding really agitated.

I looked back at the kunai and the hole it left through the target. And then I'd remembered my kekkei genkai. I never used it, only my brother and I could use it any way. Father said that my brother and I were the treasures of our clan and we were respected for what we could do but we were also feared for it. I've only seen my brother do it once and he blew a huge crater right next to our village almost flattening us all into the dust. I believe it's called gravity style.

"Suzuki?" I heard Sasori say, snapping me out of my thoughts. "Uh, right." He crossed his arms waiting for my reply. "W- well there" I stumbled over my words trying to figure out how to tell him. My brother showed me how to do it about a week ago. "Here it'll be easier if I show you." I stated. "You might wanna take a step back." I said as he jumped onto a branch in a tree, waving his hand for me to continue. I lifted my hands and stretched my arms out. I squinted my eyes shut and channeled my chakra into my hands. I took a step back and yelled, "Gravitational Push!" There was a loud cracking sound as the ground started to get pushed by the force of my jutsu. The only problem was that the over sized cloak I was wearing got caught in the rocks as they tumbled deeper and deeper into the hole I was creating.

I saw Sasori's eyes grow wide as my legs got caught and I was dragged deeper into the hole. By now I was up to my shoulders in heavy boulders. "S-Sasori! Please help me!" I managed to choke out before my head was swallowed up and I was drowned by dust and rubble.


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