I Remember You

Jordan POV:

I ran to get to my car, hoping that Dominic didn't see which car I drive. I sped out the parking lot, to get home to change my clothes for the mall. I got out my car and locked the doors. Somehow, Cassandra opened the door as soon as I got on the second step.

"Hey honey, you have a visitor," Cassandra pleaded.

"I don't see how Brooklyn could've got here before me," I told her in a shocked way. She laughed and shook her head. I dropped my bag when I saw who was sitting on my couch, smirking at me.

"Hey Miss Interesting," Dominic grinned.

I looked at him in disbelief and shouted at Cassandra, "Why the hell would you let him in! You don't know him. . . I HATE YOU!"

She looked at me in disbelief, shook her head, and forcefully said " You cuss at me one more time and that will be the very last time you will see your precious car. I mean it! You don't hate me. He told me, you had a project together. Being the best gurdian I could be, I let him in."

"Why," I asked trying not to yell.

"I know how important your studies are. If I didn't let him in, and we would have an innocent boy on our doorstep," Sandra explained.

I stomped my foot and ran upstairs, it may seem like I'm a big brat but she had no right letting him in. For all I know, if a serial killer said he was doing a project with me, she would let him in. I really need to make a list of people she needs to let in! I ran in my room and closed the door behind me. I grabbed my phone and selected Brooklyn to call. I waited until she answered.

"You're ready already," 

"NO, but guess who's at my house," 



"I already knew, love,"

"How did you know," 

"I invited him to the mall with us, and he wanted to know your address, so I gave it to him," 

 "I'm not going,"

"Yeah you are boop. I will be there in 10. . . Bye,"

"Ughh Bye," 

I can't believe her; she invited him now how am I going to ignore him. This is freaking unbelievable, he has my address. I shook away the thought that he is downstairs and grabbed a towel to take a shower. I got out the shower, put my hair in loose curls, applied a thin layer of make up and put my under garments on. I walked to my room absolutely forgetting that I had nothing on but bra and panties. I walked in my room and saw Dominic sitting on my bed.

I shrieked, "Get OUT!"

"I am incredibly sorry, Jordan," He stammered while staring and blushing. . . . He looked at my face again with an apologetic look before leaving my room.

I took a deep breath, not letting this get to me. I walked over to my closet and found my black skinny jeans, a pink and black juicy couture shirt, and my pink toms. I put my outfit on and kept thinking about him blushing. I looked in the mirror one more time, grabbed my credit card, my phone and headed out my bedroom door. Taking a deep breath one more time, I walked down the steps.

"Jordan, I am so sorry! Please forgive me," Dominic apologized.

"Just forget about it. Okay," I pleaded. He nodded and looked at his feet. I hate being a bitch but it really gets your point across.

"Cassandra, I'm going to the mall. I will be back around 9 o'clock and I'm really sorry about barking at you earlier. I just had a rough day," I said meaning every word I said.

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