LOVE DUBBING ~ Love Poem by Strider Marcus Jones

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she was squeezing his head

under his brim


his mind instead

love dubbing

from her to him

how it says

and stays

in their suited ways


he was hearing


in her

beautiful soul

and feeling

whole in his role

with her inside him

being beside him

so no religion goes

into what he knows

and slavery is opposed.

real time.

space time.

the general theory

of relativity

is gravity

and how we fit

into it

drawn together

like curved light forever

bestowing pacifist pleasure.

every wall we erect,

even those to protect,

has a butterfly affect

on us all,

and this changing of guards

by artificial stars

in our own backyards

demolishes democracies halls,

disfiguring each ascension

of physical dimension

with criminal intention.

Copyright Strider Marcus Jones Poem from my next book. 19th August, 2012. All Rights Reserved. 


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