Chapter 5

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Korra waited for Guru Nilaq longer than she expected. Korra crossed her arms and huffed. Fifteen minutes had pissed and no one had come yet. She decided to give it another fifteen before she made her way back to the palace. Still, nothing.

 Korra growled and stormed off. She wasn't sure if she remembered the way Nurse Sedna had gone but she would try. Korra followed the paths she recognized until she got to a spot where she realized she recognized nothing.

 "Great. Now I'm lost." She huffed and crossed her arms. Her entire day had just went downhill.

 Sighing, she decided to be rational, something she as never good at. She decided to ask directions.

 "Hello, sir?" She said to a passing man. He turned to her. "Do you know where the palace is?"

 The man tapped his lip and thought intensely. "Mmm, yes I do think I know where it is."

 Korra smiled in delight. "Then do you think you can give me directions?" He nodded and began to instruct her.

 "Thank you." The Avatar said in gratitude and began to make her way.

 Korra ended up on a busy street. She groaned. This was definitely not the palace. Korra began to look up at the business signs. It seemed to be mostly food places, all of which seemed very appetizing. One name in particular caught her attention though.

 The Palace, Diner'

 Korra smacked her head. The man had giver her the right instructions just to a diner. She decided she'd try within for directions. if only she had money, though. She was starving.

 Korra entered. It seemed particularly busy. She slipped past the waiters and waitresses and their trays. She took a seat in a booth. Not too long afterwards a girl, not much older than her came to take her order. Korra blushed.

 "I'm sorry. I only came here looking for instructions."

 The girl was visibly stressed. "Then maybe you should go somewhere else. You're just wasting our time and taking up space when there are people who could probably really use these seats."

 Korra stared, eyes wide at the girl. No one had ever snapped at her like that. It had surprised her.

 What surprised her even more is what happened after that.

 The girl quickly began to let out a flurry of apologies. "I'm so sorry. I shouldn't have said that. I didn't mean of that at all. I am so sorry."

 "I-it's fine." Korra stuttered out.

 "Thank goodness. I hope I didn't hurt you. I'm not usually that grumpy, it's just been a long day and I've been on my feet all day. I'm tired, you get me?" 

 Korra could see where she was coming from. Not too long before she had snapped herself. "I understand. I'm not in the best of moods now either. I'm lost and I feel like I've been walking forever now."

 The girl sat down opposite her. "I really should be working now but why don't you tell me where you need to go and I can help you out. I owe it to you for yelling and all."

 "Well I need to get to the palace. I asked for instructions and it brought me here."

 The girl laughed. "That must have been frustrating. Okay, you're lucky because the palace isn't too far from here."

 She recited the directions and even wrote them down on her notepad, giving the page to Korra.

 "Thank you, it means so much to me that you would do this."

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