The next day or a few hours later (I'm not really sure how long it was) Tom woke me up.

"Morning sunshine!" he said obviously excited.

"Morning.... may I ask why you are so happy?"

"Well let's just say I hope you like planes!"

"Planes?! We are getting on a freaking plane?!"

"Well jet to be exact." I could tell his excitement was fading so I grabbed his hand and pulled him to the front of the bus.

"Woah! Where do you think your going? "

"You said there was a jet. You were just screwing with me weren't you!" I said pushing him playfully. He fell back dramatically.

"No! But Steven has a surprise for you and Apryl." he said with a slightly evil smile.

"But Apryl isn't even on the bus!"

"Yeah, she already knows... Let's just say Joe is awful at keeping secrets from people he loves. But you were asleep so it's still a surprise for you!"

He put his arm around me and lead me off of the bus. I saw Steven run around from the other side of the bus. He covered my eyes with his hands.

"You could have just told me to close my eyes!" I said laughing.

"Yeah but that would have ruined the fun!" Steven said. They led me forward a few more steps.

"Ok now on the count of three I'm gonna let you see." he said


He uncovered my eyes and I saw my friends Lindsea and Cyndra Foxe.

"OH MY GOD!!!" I screamed and ran forward and hugged both of them.

"Yay! You haven't forgotten who we are!" Lindsea said.

"How could I forget you guys?" I said sort of shocked.

"Ummm hello?! You're living with freaking Aerosmith!" Cyndra said.

"Ehh there ok..." I said turning around and winking at Tom and Steven.

"Oh really? We are just ok?" Steven said with a smile. I ran up and hugged them both then gave Steven a kiss.

"Oh get a room!" Tom said, "Girls why don't you go get the rest of her surprise?"

"There's more?" I asked.

"Yeah. We like to go a bit overboard when it comes to gifts." Steven said smiling.

Lindsea and Cyndra came back holding a huge black suitcase. I went over and we all looked through it.

"You guys got me new clothes? Wait how did you figure out what my size is?"

"The whole band chipped in for it. And that's a whole nother story." Tom said, "Dig a little deeper."

I looked through the clothes and found a ticket. I looked up and Lindsea and Cyndra were holding them up too. I read what it said.

"Holy crap! We're going to Hawaii?"

"SURPRISE!!!" They all said.

"We have shows to do there and Steven and Joe wanted you guys to bring your friends." Tom said smiling.

Then Joe, Apryl, Joey, and Brad came from around the corner.

"Did she like it?" Brad asked

"Loved it!" I heard Steven say.

Apryl came over and hugged. "We're going to Hawaii!!!"

"Ahhhhhhh!" I screamed.

"Come on you guys you can scream on the plane" Joey said.

Apryl went over to Joe, Cyndra went to Tom, Lindsea to Brad, and I went to Steven.

"Worth the wait?" he asked.

"Absolutely!" I said and hugged him.

Then we started making out. Steven grabbed the back of my head, and I started messing with his hair.

"Common," he said when I pulled back for air, "We can have fun on the jet."

I smiled and we walked to the jet holding hands.

" 'Bout time you guys get on!" Brad said playing with Lindsea's hair.

"Fuck you!" Steven said and pulled me back into a room that was bigger than a closet but smaller than an average sized room.

I pushed him back to the wall, "Your mine now!" I said pressing my mouth against his. He put one of his hands on the back of my head and one on my ass. I got the feeling he was feeling me up, which I was really ok with. I started to really get into it. I pulled my legs up and wrapped them around his waist.

Steven stumbled around a little trying to get balanced again and we ended up leaning against the door.

I heard footsteps coming, but I just ignored them. Just then Brad opened the door and Steven and I fell to the ground. Hard.

"What the hell Brad!" I yelled.

Steven was just holding his head.

"Steven?! Steven?! Are you ok?!" I put my thumb on his wrist to take his pulse. Thank god he still had one.

"Guys we have to land the plane!!!" Brad yelled.

"What happened?" Joe yelled

"Steven's knocked out!" I hadn't even noticed that I was to busy burying my face in his jacket.

The pilot was still flying high and felt like it was going higher. I heard Tom yelling at the pilot.

"LAND THE FUCKING PLANE MAN!" I had never seen Tom that mad.

Then I heard the pilot say over the loudspeaker something about landing at Jefferson. I know I wasn't supposed to do it but I called 911 on my cell. They said they couldn't do anything until we landed, and let me tell you that really pissed me off.

We were in the air for about another 10 minutes, and I cried during every single one of them. Sure my friends and the rest of the band came and sat with me and told me it was going to be ok, but we all know that only works to an extent.

(To be continued)

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