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Dede's POV

Its 11:07am and I woke up to a text message.

Apple Juice Boy <3: Goodmorning, get ready for today... and call me when your ready.

That made me blush too hard...After reading that I went to take a shower..While I was in there I was thinking about how I should've never came up with that don't catch feelings rule. You know why? Simply because I caught them already, but I doubt he caught feelings anyway. So that means I can't get jealous, or upset if he talks to other females. Once I got out the shower I got dressed and called him and told him I was ready; he told me he was on his way.


I woke up at around one-ish ... MiMi was still sleep, in fact she was knocked out. she looked so beautiful, and I didn't wanna wake her. But its our anniversary... So I got to !!! (: ! I treated her like snow white, and kissed her to wake her up. She stretched and yawned. "Happy Anniversary." She said still sounding tired but she cracked a smile. "Happy Anniversary to you too boo!, Gimmie kiss." I said and made a Stevie Jay face.. She usually cracks up when I do that. I guess she's still sad about lastnight. But she still gave me a kiss tho. ;)

Five minutes later we decided to get outta bed and get ready for our day. While she was in the shower, I spread flower pedals leading downstairs to the kitchen, where I cooked her breakfast...I don't mean to sound conceited...but I think I'm an awesome boyfriend!!


So I get dressed, and I smell some food downstairs. It smelled GREAT, but I thought no more of it ... i guess since im so used to my dad treating me so bad.. that i don't expect much from life anymore. He used to be my rock.. my everything... but whatever, whatever. I don't care anymore. So when I get dressed and left the bathroom i see rose pedals leading to the kitchen with a plate of my favorite breakfast food. Eggs with hot dogs in it (it sounds nasty but try it), pancakes, sausage. I look up and see Jawan holding a card. "Is this all for me, Jawan?" I said trying not to get my hopes up. "Baby this is ALL for you." He said. Im not gonna lie I got teary eyed. "thank you so much baby. I love you" "Love you back, now eat up while i shower so I can take you to the surprise place." I finished, he showered and got dressed and we was on our way. It was around 2:45 when we left.I also noticed we were matching unplanned...AGAIN!! But I like that so its cool. ;) Im pretty sure he copied me anyway.

Around six when his mom gets home we're going to Red Lobster and imma give him his gift... this $1,000 G-Shock... it was the last one too. I really hope he likes it... i think he will considering he's wanted it for the longest. But as of now were on our way to this "surprise." 

Dede Pov

He finally got there to come get me and take me go karting... at this point I'm so excited. I'm glad he's my boyfriend, now that I have him I don't want to lose him. Now we're just in the car chatting

Issa.. How'd my baby sleep?

Dede..*blushes* if your referring to me then i slept with a giant smile on my face because of my boyfriend!

Issa... )): who's your boyfriend?

Dede... This handsome guy named Issa!

Issa... Damn he's lucky, im jealous.

Dede.. I don't know why.

Issa... Because your flippin beautiful guhhh!!

Dede... Thank you handsome !

Issa... Your welcome gorgeous...We're here, and there's MiMi and Jawan. Making out... o_o

Dede.. Awww aren't they cute.

Issa... *kisses me* and so are we !

Dede...*blushing.* Well lets go to pay and stuff.

Mimi... I saw that lil Issa !!

Dede... Happy Anniversary !!!!!

Mimi and Jawan... Thanks :)

We walk in and what do you know....? A jerk cashier!!!

Cashier... Hey Gorgeous, Welcome to Go Karts Plus... What type of deal would you like today?

Dede... Umm don't call me that... And we all together but he's paying for her and -

Issa... Im paying for her!!

He points to me. I blushed a tad bit, and he's sucha gentleman... He doesn't have to pay for me, but i won't gone stop him either.

Cashier... Alright sexy...

Issa... yo man you got one more time to disrespect my girl and we shall have problems!!!

Cashier.. I'm not disrespecting her...I would be disrespecting her if I said she had a fat ass... Which she does!

Dede...What the hell? 

Why is this low life disrespecting me like this? He don't even know me to verbally violate me! But never would i have thought Issa would fight for me. It was then and there i knew he felt the exact same way. But him going off kinda scared me a little.

Dede... I gotta go to the bathroom, c'mon MiMi.

Mimi... Well alrigghhh!

We walk to the bathroom, of course I didn't have to go. I just don't wanna know how it would end. I know MiMi LOVES watching fights and fighting.. but i think she understood me on this one. Life is so hard.


Issa... Mane, i told you to stop disrespecting my girl ! 

As soon as i try to jump across the counter, to punch this nigga in the face I felt my bro Jawan holding me back.

Jawan...We came to have fun and enjoy ourselves! Not entertain stupidity, bro.

Cashier... Hello im right here!?

Jawan.. Yeah, you're stupid; and therefore my arguement is valid :).

Issa... Good look bro.. But if he disrespected your girl would you have done the same thing? I don't wanna look TOO overprotective of her, you know because we JUST started dating.

Jawan.. Do what feels right to you...don't change yourself because you think your doing something wrong. Talk to her about it, cause you never know it could be a HUGE turn on for her. 

Issa... Thanks bro.. I owe you one.

We dap each other up. Then the girls come back out the bathroom and walk towards us.

MiMi...Did y'all get the tickets yet??

Jawan & Issa... Nope.

Next thing you know I see MiMi looking MAD as ever and she walks up to the Cashier.

MiMi... LOOK NIGGA, Imma say this one time, and one time only. IF you want your paycheck this month then I suggest you give ALL OF US our tickets NOW! Stop being a dickhead and wasting OUR time. OH AND IF YOU EVER FUCKING DISRESPECT MY COUSIN AND THINK YOU CAN GET AWAY WITH THAT SHIT THINK A MOTHER FUCKING GAIN. I WILL CUT OFF YOUR DICK AND FEED IT TO YOU. Have a nice day.

The cashier looked SHOOK..Now by telling of the looks on Jawan, Dede, and my face. We was all thinking the same thing. "DAMNNNNNNNNNNNNNN."

Cashier... Yes ma'am. 4 tickets to go kart. Here's your wristbands and tickets have a nice day.

She takes the tickets and brings it to us.

Dede... You set that nigga straight MiMi!

MiMi... You already know I don't got time for BS! I just came to party and BS.

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