Rose’s POV

I was standing in a large living room. There was a couple sitting on the couch, directly across from a teenage girl. She had her head in her hands, her body shaking with heartbreaking sobs. The couple both had unshed tears in their eyes, and their hands were intertwined.

I stepped forward some, and when they didn’t seem to notice I was here, I walked until I was standing next to the girl. Still, they didn’t even glance my way. I bent down so I was level with her.

That’s when I looked at her closely.

She had white-blonde hair kind of like mine, and she was really pale. She sniffled a few times, finally calming down before looking up.

I fell back, completely stunned. It was me.

She had tears streaming down her face, but that’s not what shocked me most. Her eyes (or I guess my eyes?) held unimaginable pain and hatred. When she spoke, it was basically a growl. “Who killed him?”

Finally I turned my head to look at the couple on the couch. I wasn’t too surprised to see it was Nathaniel and Orabelle. Orabelle was the one to answer. “King Jonathan informed us that a group of werewolves were behind Lance’s death.”

Past-me flew to her feet. Her eyes blazed a brilliant gold as she growled. “And we’re just sitting here? There are only two Werewolf packs in this state. Which one do they belong to?”

Nathaniel stood up, looking at her warily. “Sweetie, you should sit down.”

She shook her head immediately. “Tell me now!”

Nathaniel looked back at Orabelle for a second before turning back to Past-me. “It was William.”

The effect the name had on her was instantaneous. Her body froze, and she looked like she was about to cry again. She tilted her head slightly and her voice was small. “Billy?” Both Nathan and Orabelle nodded, neither saying anything. Past-me started shaking her head quickly. “That’s impossible! He wouldn’t betray me like this! I’ve always been there for him. He just had a daughter; he would have been home with her!”

Orabelle and Nathaniel shared another look before Orabelle stood also. “My dear, we can’t be sure of that. We have no reason to doubt the King, so William must have. But that’s not all we have to discuss.”

Rose sat down with a sigh. “I don’t care what you have to say. I know he didn’t do it.”

Nathaniel sat down next to her while Orabelle kneeled down in front of her. “Rose, the Kale’s aren’t trustworthy. You have to understand that.”

William Kale? Why would I be protecting William Kale? And when was I close enough to him that I had a nickname for him? I shook my head. This was all so confusing.

Things started fading, and the next thing I knew I was standing in the street. I looked around me to see everyone walking around in old-fashioned clothing, all the women wearing dresses, the men wearing suits.

But a familiar woman was standing in front of me, her hair hidden in her hat and her back to me. She was looking around calmly, and when she didn’t seem to find what she was looking for, she turned toward me.

It was a past me again. But unlike the other one (which looked like it had taken place in the nineties) this one looked much farther back in time.

After a second of looking at her, I heard someone call out my name. I slowly turned to see a man running toward the Past-me. He had a hat on that covered some if his face and I couldn’t make out much detail until he stopped in front of her. My eyes widened in recognition.

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