Demi P.O.V.

 I was asleep, when I heard someone entering the room. Louis took a pot and spoon and started banging on pots.

 “Demi, wake up!” – He shouted.

 “Louis stop, my head hurts”. - I mumbled.

 "Of course it's going to hurt when you got drunk last night." - He shouted.

"Okay, just do not yell anymore, please". - I said holding onto my head.

 "Come on, get up." – He started pulling me.

 "Okay, okay".- I got up - "just stop dragging me". - I said.

 "Breakfast is ready, we are waiting for you in the dining room." - He said and left the room.

 I went to the bathroom. I decided to take a shower. I stepped into the shower and let the cold water. Water is slid over my body, I felt so relaxed. Suddenly it hit me. I remembered what happened last night.

 "Fuck, what have I done?"- I said to myself.

 Oh my God, I'm an idiot. How am I going to look Zayn into the eyes. I was thinking about what to say to him.

 "I know!" - I shouted.

 I gonna tell him that I do not remember what happened last night.

 I got out of the shower, I took a towel and put it around the body. I dried my hair and let

her fall.

 I stood in front of the wardrobe. I pulled out of the closet a gray shirt, white shorts and gray flip-flops.

 I dressed and threw a last look at the mirror.

 I went down to the dining room.

 "Good morning." - I said and sat next to Liam.

 "Good morning". - They all said at the same time.

 "How did you sleep?" - Niall asked me.

 "Well, thank you for asking." - I replied with a smile.

 "What are we going to do today?” – Kate asked.

 "We can go to the mall." - Harry suggested.

 They all agreed.

 "I will not go, I'll stay here and read a book." - I said - "I'm not in the mood for shopping." - I added.

 "Okay." - Harry said.

 "I think I'll stay home." - Zayn said.

 "If you do not mind?" - He asked me.

 "No, it's okay." - I said and smiled.

 I can not believe it. I'm staying alone in the house with him. It's time to start panicking. He will ask me about  the last night. God help me.

 It was one o'clock in the afternoon. They all went to the mall. It's just me and Zayn in the house. Okay, this is weird. We were in the living room and we were both silent. There was an uncomfortable silence until Zayn spoke.

 “Want to go for a walk? "- He asked me.

 "Yes, of course." - I said and stood up.

 Okay, this gonna be weird.

 We got out of the house and headed for the beach.

 We walked along the beach. We both were silent. The waves were hitting the rocks, it was kind of relaxing.

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