Chapter 2

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He slowly made his way down the aisle and sat next to me.

"Please get Andrew to the right page and explain what we are doing." said Mrs. Coleman.

I slightly nodded and turned his language book to the page we were on.



An-drew. I began to replay over in my head.

"Thanks," Andrew said.

"You are welcome," I said back.

That was all we conversed about until I heard the first bell indicating that it was time for our next class. I began gathering my things when I suddenly dropped my papers all over.

"Fuck," I began to say under my breath. I sighed and began to pick up my papers.

"Well, well, being a clutz as always I see." says Kayleana.

"Still being an annoying little bitch I see. Look back the fuck off. I'm not dealing with your shit this year you little back stabbing, evil, little bitch. Run along now and go fuck someone. That's all you're good for anyways, slut." the words fell out of my mouth like a water fall. She looked at me amazed, furious, pissed.

"Listen here bitch. I'm done. I'm going to beat your ass." she said.

I stood up and whispered in her ear. "Try me. Bitch." grabbed my binder with papers in hand and walked away, leaving Kayleana standing there, stunned.

"That was quite an argument you had back there," said a familiar voice I had only heard once today.

I looked over to see Andrew leaned by his locker struggling to open it.

"Yeah. It's nothing though." I shurg, "Need help with that?"

He looked at me, then at his locker, "Yeah, sort of," he sighed. I giggle and walk over to help him.

"That was brave of you to stick up for yourself," he said, "Crazy, but brave." I smiled.


"Oh, I never caught on to your name."

"It's Liylah," I say proudly, "but people call me 'LiLi' or 'Lala'."

"I see," Andrew says, studying my figure. "It's a beautiful name." He smiles, revealing his perfect, white, and straight teeth.

I try to hold back me blushing. "Thanks".
I suddenly remembered that I was supposed to be helping with his locker. "Oh shit," I said and began to put in his combination. It unlocked. I made him do it a few times and he finally got the hang of it.

"What classes do you have?" I said. He began to look at his sceduale.

"Here,' I began to say, " my friend and I usually trade schedules and compare them." I took his and he took mine and we looked down them.

"Ahhh, we have all but 3rd and 4th period together." I said.

"Oh," he said back, " Well, I think we better get going to our next class then."

"Follow me." he nodded his head slowly and followed behind my lead.


Math class was long and boring. I tried to stay awake, but it was too hard. Andrew on the other hand was tuned in and paying attention. 'What a geek', I thought, and began to chuckle to myself.

"Do you find something funny Mrs. D'lous?" Mrs. Rain asked

"No, sorry, I just thought out loud." my face turned red. Andrew looked over at me a flashed a smile. My heart melted.

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