Chapter 7

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"And this here is the game room," Niall flashed me a huge toothy grin as we walked into the game room on the third level of the house, more like the mansion.

I gasped as he flung open the door, hitting all of us with a blast of cool air. It had black walls with neon stickers plastered all over. An air hockey table lie in the middle, some old arcade games to the right, while a couch and some comfy chairs lie to the left with a huge plasma TV. Is that a Wii system?!

"So how exactly did you guys get this house?"

I wondered out loud and Zayn answered.

"Um, Simon bought us a house here so when we come to the United States and we have a break we hang out here," he shrugged like it was no big deal while I freaked out on the inside.

"Cool," I replied.

"Wanna verse me in air hocked, Beth?" Nialls adorable accent snapped me out of my daze an I immediately nodded my head yes.

"Your on!" I teased, as we both raced to the machine, me winning of course.

"Alright kids I want a fair game! No cursing-"

Lou looked directly at Niall and I stifled a giggle.

"-No hitting or any other use of violence-"

This time Lou looked at me ad I gave him a mischievous grin.

"-Alrighty... And first one to ten pointed wins the cup!"

He threw his hands u pin the air as we both have him puzzled looks.

"You win this trophy cup," he explained as he pulled a small plastic trough off the wall behind him and we both rolled our eyes at the older boy.

"Begin!" he demanded and we were off.

"And Beth goes for the goal, but Niall blocks her! Niall makes a shot- oh!- but Beth cuts him off- and Bethany scores!" Lou exclaimed and Liam smacked his head.

"To the penalty box with you Liam!" Lou informed and we all laughed.

The game went on and I ended up winning.

"Ha! In your face Horan!" I gloated as I swung my trophy in front of him and he gave me a scowl.

"Anyone up for Just Dance 3?" Zayn asked and my eyes grew wide.

"You did not just ask that! One does not simply ask a dancer to play that game and expect them to say no!" I snapped and Lou gave me a smug smile.

"Finally, someone sassiest than me!"

He chuckled as he grabbed my wrist and steered me towards the Wii.

"First, Beth Vs. Liam," Zayn told us and I shot Liam a smirk and he gulped. This should be good.

We danced to Party Rock Anthem. Guess who won? I am so competitive...

"What what! Take that Payne!" I giggled as the and finished and I totally creamed him!

"No more games for you little missy," Liam shook his head.

"You're way too competitive," Zayn agreed and I huffed.

"I think she's cute when she's competitive," Niall said shyly, receiving a weird look from Lou and making me blush.

"Doe someone like Beth?" he cooed, messing up Nialls hair.

"Shut it Tomlinson," Niall barked and Lou snatched his hand back.

"Well, i think Nialls cute when he's angry," I winked at him, making him blush.

Oh, this summer should be fun....

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