Chapter Two

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Chapter Two-

When you pull up to Mallory's house, she runs outside with her bags practically flying behind her. "Bye Mom! Bye Dad!!" she shouts, not even looking back. "Excited much?" you laugh putting her luggage in the trunk. "OMG! SO EXCITED!!! I CAN'T WAIT!" she says getting in the car, trying to catch her breath. She quickly turns up the radio when she hears "Up All Night" playing. You both sing One direction at the top of your lungs on the way to the airport. "What if we actually see them or better, meet them?!?!" Mallory says in a calmer tone than earlier. "I know! That would be amaZayn.." "phenomiNiall!..." "brilLiam!.." "extraordinHarry!.." "ooh! Don't forget fabuLouis!" you both laugh at how corny you were being, but you couldn't help it. This was so exciting!

NIALL’S POV~ Hey, Justin. Can I ask you a question, man?" niall asked anxiously awaiting a response from his friend. "Sure what's up?" "Whats it like having a relationship? Like a lasting one? You and Selena seem perfect for each other." Niall asked a little embarrassed he was asking his idol for advice. "What are you talking about, Niall? I mean yes, it's amazing, but you shouldn't be worried about anything, man." Justin replied giving Niall a playful slap on the back. "I don't know, I'm just really lonely, I need a girl in my life. I don't know how much longer I can wait for my princess." "Niall, she's out there somewhere. She's looking and waiting for you just as much as you for her. Don't think I'm weird, going all fortune teller on you, but I feel like that it's about to change. I just have a feeling that you and your "princess" will meet very soon." Justin said making Niall raise his eyebrows. "Thanks, man. I'm glad I have someone to talk to about more serious subjects." "Not a problem." Justin said smiling. As they continued to walk down the street, Niall kept thinking about what Justin had said. What I'd he was right?

YOUR POV~ Were going to London! London! London! We're going to London! Doo dah dah!" you and Mallory sing merrily while boarding the plane. You get settled in your seats and you call your parents quickly telling them that you were about to leave. Mallory does the same. The plane ride consisted of talking to Mallory about what you would do for three weeks in London, sleeping, watching movies, and of course, listening to One direction. *a few hours later, About to land in London* "Oh my gosh! We're here! Mallory! We're here! Oh em gee!!!!" you say slapping her and freaking out. "W-what? Where are we?" she says running her eyes, just waking up from a peaceful nap. "Mallory! We're in London!!!" "WHAT?! Oh my gosh! Oh my gosh!" she says, instantly jumping out of her seat like a spazz. "Yes!! Yes! No sit down! Sit! Haha people are starting to stare! Sit! MALLORY! SIT!" you tell her, but she is too busy dancing up and down the isles and singing joyfully. "I'm sorry! I'm just so excited!" she said making her way back to her seat. "WE KNOW!" yelled the whole cabin in unison, obviously annoyed with her. "Woops" she said turning red and sinking down into her seat. *now off the plane and making your way to the hotel* "Look! It's Big Ben!!! Omg! That's we're Will and Kate got Married!" you said passing Westminster Abbey and Big Ben, trying to take pictures but your hands were shaking too much. "Buckingham Palace!!!!!!" Mallory yelled in the back of the taxi. "Okay here we are, ladies. Hope you have a nice stay! My name is Thomas by the way." said the taxi driver, in his very attractive British accent. He was very young to be a taxi driver so you brought yourself to ask how old he was. "Eighteen." he replied, winking. "Ooh just our age!" you and Mallory said to each other walking through the hotel doors. "Hey mom? Yeah we made it to London. We are in the hotel checking in right now. Safe and sound. Okay? Love you, bye." you said talking to your mom on the phone. You got your room key and went up to your room to unpack. "I can't wait to start seeing all of London!" you said to Mallory who was changing out of her sweats into nicer clothes. "Well, I can't wait till we meet One Direction. It will happen. I've even put it in our itinerary." she said with a smirk. You both starting laughing.

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