What happens, happens.

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I put on what could possibly be my best clothes and headed to dinner to meet the strippers that I would be working with.  They were quite pretty and I was nothing compared to them.  I was a hollow shell of a woman.  Filled with nothing but drugs and sin.  I hated myself for it...

"I'm Michelle.  You are...?"  One of the girls asked.

"Jackie.  I'm not the real stripper kind... I just do my job. If you know what I mean..."  I forced a laugh but it quickly dissolved.

"This is Marie.  We'll do our job you do yours and everything will be fine in the end."  For some reason they were kind of snippy with me but I just nodded and took a sip of my cocktail.

This couldn't possibly be any worse... I didn't have anything planned for the first time this week for the first time so I decided to go to my motel room and sleep... Maybe.  I put my jacket on and headed out of the restaurant toward my hotel. I looked at my feet and put my hands in my pockets and quickly walked through the cold night.  I felt someone brush against me, "Oh. I'm sorry.  DIdn't mean to-"  The male stopped talking.

He was handsome with blonde hair and a small bit of stubble reaching across his chin.  His gray eyes were stunning and beautiful, "You're fine..."  a small smile tugged at my lips and I looked back down at my feet to avoid losing my words.

"I'm Mark.  You are...?"  He asked, reaching a hand out to me.

I looked up and reached my hand out, "Abi- I mean Jackie."

"What... You forgetting your name?"  He chuckled.

"Ha no... I sometimes go by my middle name but I thought I would give you the honor of my first."  Lie...

"Well, I am quite honored."  He smiled, "Hey, will I see you around again?"  Mark looked hopeful.

"I'll see to that.  Here."  I wrote my number on the back of his hand, said my goodbyes, and walked off.

He was nice... definitely oblivious to my current situation.


My stripping day-view came much too quickly.  I put on my see through lacey bra and some skimpy underwear underneath a trench coat with some 8 inch stilettos.  I signed as I ran a hot curling iron through my hair.  Soft brown curls fell on my shoulders but as pretty as I could make myself, I still felt like nothing.  I was nothing, to anybody.  Drake easily forgot about me...

I looked at the piece of paper I had been given by my mom and looked up at the huge hotel.  One of the nicest hotels on the Vegas Strip.  Must be big rollers... Great.  They think they're the shit. I walked into the hotel and headed to the room listed on the piece of paper.  I took a deep breath but nothing could prepare me for what was behind that door.

12 large men stood around a bar doing shots and laughing hysterically.  Everyone of them so handsome.  Everyone of them tan and well built.  Like they used to work on the farm, scooping shit and working tractors , bailing hay.  Oh god...

I saw his green eyes and jet black hair poke out from behind the counter.  He held 4 beer bottles in his hands but they quickly fell to the ground when he laid his eyes on me.  Pure terror struck his face and his mouth formed an 'O.'

"Hey man! Way to drop the shit! What's your issu-"  Blake said turning around seeing me standing in the doorway, "Oh god."  he mumbled.

Drake looked like he had seen a ghost.  His face went pale and nothing seemed to phase him.  I had no clue what to do but stand there.  Thank god Michelle and Marie showed up in that time and looked happy at the crowd they would be performing in front of.  "Who's the dear bachelor that we will be entertaining?"  Marie said in a husky voice.

Kier pushed Drake forward, he was still in shock and not taking his eyes off me once.



Michelle and Marie started the night off with their lap dances and teases.  I just sat in the back and drank beer.  If I had to sleep with one of these guys I would be sick, considering that I thought they were my brothers.  I downed at least 10 beers as I tried not to think about how sick I might be.  I saw Drake slowly and carefully walk toward me.  He still looked shocked.  I took another shot and laid my head on the counter I stood behind.

All the guys seemed not to notice me but just enjoyed they're show, especially the extremely changed and handsome Blake.  I mean, that boy was a god when he was 19 but dude... he got wwaayyy hotter!

"Hey..." he mumbled.

"Hi..."  I replied.

"So... well this is awkward." 

"Yeah. I know.   But I'm not allowed to leave. So here I am..."  I took another drink.

He looked hurt but would not look at the the girls.  It was silent while the girls moved from guy to guy making out with them.  It was discusting.. Well, not as bad as I am.

"So you're getting married?"  The words stung and burned in my chest.  I didn't want to hear the answer that I dreaded.

"Yeah... She's really great."  He said, like the words hurt worse then anything in the world.

"Well then she's a lucky girl..."  I forced the words.  She really is, to get that good looking of a great guy.

"She's pregnant."

I spit out the beer I was drinking and coughed like crazy.  She was what?!  How the hell?!  Well of course I know how she got knocked up, he fucked that bitch! How dare he do that to someone who isn't me!

Well.... that's pretty hypocritical of me considering that I've slept around like the slut I am.  "She's what?!

Drake looked down, ashamed and mad at himself.   I was heart broken, now I knew how he felt when he saw I was with Blake.

Awkward silence filled between us again.  My heart cried but my tears stayed dry.  I couldn't let this get to me.

"I went to college and I was drunk.  It happened and I can't take it back...  She fell in love with me but my heart belongs to only one girl."  His eyes pleaded.

One more night I could be with him right?  It's not like he liked this girl...  He was drunk and mistakes happen. Especially with tramps like her.  What am I saying... I'm exactly like her.

I smiled and moved closer to him.   Why did this hurt so bad?  It was like I was taking advantage of this poor boy all over again...

What happens, happens.


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