Chapter 5- More of the Truth.

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Chapter 5

                “How is this even possible?” I question sitting in the pool along with Addie, Jake and James. I’m not shocked to see Addie has a pure red tail and a red strapless shell top. And Jake has a deep orange tail.

                “Well Mom and Dad were Merpeople but they wanted to live on land so they did. That’s the thing most people get wrong in all mermaid stories. If your born in water you have tail and can go on land and have legs but, if your born on land you don’t get a tail until your seventeenth birthday. I wasn’t going to tell you until next week.” Addie calls and that is what makes me stop

                “You weren’t going to tell me. you were just going to let me go to school and not know what was happening to me.” I question her

                “Ana you will be fine I did the same thing I found out on my seventeenth birthday just like I was going to tell you.” She says and I just nodded until James swims over to me and looks me in the eyes.

                “You will not be going to school tomorrow for next week.” He calls and I look at him like he is crazy.

                “It’s still summer. And what do you mean.” I question him.

                “Starting tomorrow you will not be leaving my sight until the night of your birthday and even then not until a few days after.” He calls and I look at him shocked.

                “Ok you may claim you’re my soul fish or whatever but I’m noting to let you or this rule my life.” I tell him and just smirks

                “you want to tell her or should I?” he asks Addie who looks nervous but says for  him to talk.

                “You know this.” He calls pointing to his birthmark and I nod my head he reaches over and runs his thumb over my birthmark and makes me gasp as tingles shoot through my veins.

                “this marks us as Mer-mates but it also marks me as royalty of the sea and so are you. What that means is we are a rare mermaid breed. What that means is that we are the fastest  mermaids alive.” He calls and I just nod my head ok.

                “Um how are we royalty.” I question

                “Well.. my grandfather is the king.” He calls and with that he swims around

                “Then that means you’re a prince.” I whisper

                “Yep my dad’s older sister is queen and took the crown from my gramps. And she has one son who is next in line, then my dad, Kyle and then me.” he calls and I’m shocked he is forth in line for the crown.

                “Umm, ookk.” I mumble

                “What’s up.” He questions

                “The fact that you’re a prince is something you kinda forgot to mention.

                “Yes I am but me ever being king is a one in a million chance.” He tells me

                “How did your aunt get queen instead of your father.” I question

                “In the water, gender does not matter it’s all about the right of birth, my aunt was born first. We never had women feel inferior they have always been equal if anything the men have been inferior before.”  He says and I just nod.

                He swims over to me and gives me a fast kiss on the lips and smiles and that has me blush then I remember what he said before.

                “Ok stop, what did you mean before how I will not leave your sight.” I question him

                “Well umm, I marked you and add the fact that we are royalty. Its either we stay together or else you will try to attack any guy and me  I will be very jealous and protective. So I will not have that or have you in pain.” He tells me then looks over at my sister.

                “How about you two and hey Jake is her mark where is yours.” He questions and jack turns around to show us his back where I see on his shoulder blade a red mermaid tail.

                “Wait the girl marks the guy as well.” I question thinking I could have a little payback from what he did to me.

                “Yes and I’m forbidding you as I am your legal guardian you are not to mark him until you are engaged.” Addie tells me.

                “What” I question Wide-eyed and then it goes quite and I wonder what the heck is up with the Mermaid people.

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