Chapter 07

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Chapter 07

I was still seething in anger as Trainer Parker started wrapping up on our run just a couple of minutes ago before proceeding onto the next part of the training. I was currently seated on the floor with Nicko and Jake seated beside me.

Jake gave me a sympathetic smile when I turned to face him. He had guessed as much that Cain was my mate when he noticed how Cain's eyes had pulled me in. Just thinking about those midnight blue orbs, those gorgeous orbs - wait. No. Not gorgeous! Plain! Yes, plain was more like it.

It struck a nerve in me that I had such a mate. Of all the wolves I could have been paired up with, I got a stuck-up soon to be Alpha. Just my luck, I thought. My wolf let out a huff in me. She was also feeling in the slums, with anger shrouding all about. She finally met her mate, only to know that he was mostly all of the things that she disliked.

At least my wolf was in agreement with me. I would be in shambles should my wolf still be craving to be by her mate's very presence after such treatment. She would be fighting me all the time, should such be the case. Thank the stars that my wolf was a strong willed warrior and we saw most issues in the same light.

"Okay folks, today, we will be training on your aim. To improve your aim, we'll start with the very basics that y'all would just love. Archery," Trainer Parker started on what we would be doing next.

Groans could be heard all around. "I'm guessing they never had archery before?" I asked Jake through our mind link.

"Well, from the loud complaints I'm hearing through the pack link, the guys think it's lame. They were thinking of something more cool and modern like gun practice or something," Jake replied to my question.

Oh well. I was not complaining. I had mastered archery. Papa trained Kai-Ren and I on archery before he trained us on guns. He had told us that archery was actually more difficult to master than compared to handling a gun. Thus, by mastering archery; getting our heartbeat and breathing all under control and with absolute focus, handling a gun would be an easy feat. He was right on that. It took Kai-Ren and I a whole month and a half just to master archery, and another month to perfect our aim while on the move. Papa said that we had mastered it much faster as compared to average. It just had to be, since we didn't get any days off then, except for every Sundays.

"Stop being such babies, boys! Now, go grab some bows and a bag of arrows that are lined up just outside. The practice sheets are already set up outside. Now, move it. We still have another training set to do after this," Trainer Parker barked out when the boys still did not show any enthusiasm.

I stood up along with all the other boys, and we trotted our way outside. As we reached outside, I saw the bows arranged nearly with a bag of five arrows inside it, beside each bow. All the bows were a simple recurve bow. I grinned at the sight. Perfect, I thought. Even though I could use both a long bow and a compound one too, I prefer a recurve bow.

I grabbed a set of bow and arrows before looking at the area where our targets were being positioned. I mentally gasped. In front of us, a row of target boards had been aligned neatly. There were about fifty sheets aligned, just nice for the whole of the Senior class to get an individual target sheet. But, what amazed me more was the fact that I had missed to see them while we were running. Are my senses getting dull, I thought with a frown.

Jake having been listening in let out a small mental chuckle. "No, Kay. Don't worry. Your senses aren't getting duller or anything. Trainer Parker had some witches set the target boards using their wicca magick while we were back in the building."

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