Chapter three

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Heyy guys:) slowly getting there I'm sorry!!!:) and I'm not to descriptive about stuff because I want you guys to use your imaginations:) haha❤ but anyways I'm starting to dream about his book. But having fairy tales about Austin mahone isn't weird is it??? Haha

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I slowly opened my eyes. Today was my first day of school. I sat up and thought of the previous events with Austin. I moaned and fell back onto my pillow.

I finally got up and went to take a shower.


I got out of the shower and changed into dark blue skinny jeans , and a white tank top with a lavender colored cardigan over it. I slipped into a pair of brown toms. I combed through my hair blow drying it as I went. I didn't even bother straightening it. I put on mascara and foundation. I lightly added white eye shadow.

"Izzy! Breakfast!" my dad yelled. I grabbed my backpack with my school stuff and phone and walked downstairs. When I got to the kitchen my dad had made pancakes with eggs and bacon. "Here you go izzy," he said placing a plate on the counter. "Thanks," I said as I took a bite of pancake.

I quickly finished and grabbed my stuff and car keys. As I was about to walk out the door when my dad stopped me. "I'm parked behind you. Let me drive you to school," he said. I groaned."Dad, can't you just move your car? It's not a very good first impression for people," I said. "Why can't a father drive his daughter to school?" he asked. "Dad please move. I'm gonna be late," I huffed. My dad held the his keys up in the air. "We wouldn't want you to be late, now would we?" he said with a sly smile. I smirked at him then walked to the car.


"When do I pick you up?" my dad asked as we drove to the school. "I'll walk," I said. "3 1/2 miles?" he asked. I nodded. "Your going to walk 3 1/2 miles," he repeated. I nodded again with more enthusiasm. "Stop acting so immature, isabelle." he said. I looked at him."You know what? Maybe if we didn't move halfway across the country to a new home. Putting me into a new school that's three weeks through already. Oh! And maybe if mom didn't die our lives wouldn't be hell right now," I spat in one breath. My dad looked at me his eyes glossy. "You need to stop blaming your mothers death on me, Isabelle," he said his voice shaking. We stopped in front of the school and he parked the car. "Have a nice day Izzy," he said. I opened the car door and hopped out as fast as I could to block out his words.


I was in my first class, English literature. The teacher was talking about the author "Jane Austin". Hearing the word Austin made me wanna smack my forehead. While she talked about an upcoming project I wrote down notes.


It was 7th period and I had drama. I walked through the big giant theater doors only to be greeted by lots of staring eyes. "Welcome mrs. Anderson," the teacher said to me. "Am I late?" I asked confused. He walked up to me. He was probably around his mid-50's. "My dear, in the arts you are never late, your just not on time," he said. I tried to process his words, but they made no sense. "I, am Mr. Greane. Welcome to The art, of theater." he said doing a little bow for me. I smiled. Someone giggled. The noise made me look up from mr.greane to Austin.

Austin was talking to a girl. And what ever he was saying seemed to make the girl crack up. He didn't look very interested though, just annoyed. Mr.greane caught me looking at Austin and smiled. He turned to them and said,"Taylor, move next to courtney." the girl Austin was talking to,who I'm assuming is taylor, scowled and got up and sat next to someone else. Mr.greane turned to me. "Mrs.anderson, that seat is yours," he said with a wink.

I sat down next to Austin and felt myself blush. "Hey, how are you?" Austin asked me. I nodded and smiled slightly. "I'm fine thanks,"

Mr.greane stood in front of the class. "we will be doing a play in 4 weeks about Romeo and juliet. As you all know, we do this play once a year and Taylor usually plays Juliet. Our usual Romeo has moved away. So this year we will, like always, host auditions for parts," he finished.

"You should try out for Juliet," Austin whispered into my ear as mr.greane went on. "Don't think I'd get the part," I replied. "What? You could so get it," he said back. I smiled. "I'm going to embarrass myself,"I said. Austin hesitated. "Fine, if I try out for Romeo with you go out for Juliet?" he asked. "Fine," I huffed. "Alright. It's a date," he said winking at me. I smiled.

Class went by quickly we listened to Mr. Greane talk about the play and different parts. The bell rang. "Alright, auditions will be held tomorrow afternoon at 3:30. Farewell all yee till tomorrow as the birds chirp and the sun Rises above the horizon," he said waving his hand in the air. Wow. I had one wacky teacher.


Finally it was lunch. I wasn't really hungry but I was happy to be out of class. I bought an apple and looked around the cafeteria. All the tables were taken. I started to walk out when someone called my name. I turned around. It was Austin.

He was sitting at a table with Alex,Robert, that chick Taylor, and a bunch of other pretty girls and cute guys. He was waving me over. I walked over to the table. "Hey Isabelle. Sit down," he said scotching over. Austin was pushed up against Taylor.

"I'm not moving," she said. "Why not?"Alex asked. She scowled. "I thought you guys wanted hot girls at this table. And I don't even think she fits in that category," she said looking at me up and down. I didn't know what to do. Everyone just looked at me. "Ok, you can go now," Taylor said. I looked at Austin waiting for him to stand up for me...but he just looked down at the table, pretending I wasn't there. I just nodded and turned around. I could hear Taylor scowl and roll her eyes and then Taylor and alex bickering.

I walked out outside on campus. I sat down on a bench and rotated the apple between my fingers. "Are you ok?" someone asked me. I turned around. It was Robert. "Yeah I'm fine. I'm used to it," I said quietly. Robert sat down next to me. He pointed to the apple. "Are you hungry?" he asked. I shook my head. "Not really," I said as I tossed the apple in to grass.

It was cold outside. I pulled my knees up to my chest and rapped my arms around my legs. "It's not true you know," he said. I looked at him confused. "What Taylor said. She was wrong," he finished. I smiled. "She gets jealous when someone prettier then her comes along," he said. I blushed. "Thank you," I said looking at him. He smiled.

I stood up and offered my hand to him. He took my hand and I helped pull him up. Robert looked at me. "Can I have yo-" he was cut off by the bell. "Shit. I'm sorry I have to go. My next class is all the way at the other end," I said grabbing my stuff. Robert nodded. "see you around," he said. "Bye!" I shouted as I ran back inside the school.


School was over. I was standing outside. It was freezing for September. I wanted to walk home. But I didn't know the way. I guessed a direction and starting walking. A car pulled up next to me. "You want a ride?" I'd know that voice anywhere...Austin.

I turned to him. "No thanks I'm fine," I said. "You sure?" he asked. "Yes," I spat. "Really because...your going the wrong way," he said. I looked at him. Then turned on my heels to the other direction. "Common. Get in the car," Austin said. I shook my head. He wouldn't leave. He was slowly driving the car next to me. One hand on the wheel and the other on the side of the car. "You know I'm not leaving until you get into the car right?" he asked. "Yeah well, don't waste your time," I huffed. "So your going to make me drive like this on the highway? If I get a ticket your paying for it," he said with a smile on his lips. I stopped and looked at him. "Please get into the car," he said. I looked from him to the ground. "Please," he said doing a puppy dog face. I rolled my eyes and walked over to the passenger seat. I opened the door and got inside.

I set my backpack at my feet and buckled my seatbelt. "Happy?" I asked. "Very," he said with a giggle. He drove away from the high school. "I'm sorry about earlier, at lunch." Austin said. I looked out the window. "Is she your girlfriend?" I asked. Austin rolled his eyes. "No. She's always all over me and she acts like I'm her property. She's Alex's girlfriend's best friend," he finished. "Is she always a bitch?" I asked. Austin smiled. "She can be, most of the time she is," he said. "Then why do you put up with it?" I asked. Austin though while he kept his eyes on the road. Then he looked at me. "I don't know," he said.

We pulled into my neighborhood. "Which house is yours?" he asked. I pointed to my big cream colored house. He parked in front of the house and I hopped out. He rolled down the window. "Thanks," I said. "No problem. See you tomorrow," he replied.

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