I walked through my room and out to the balcony. Coming out to the balcony during sunset and looking at the waves crashing on the beach kind of clears my mind, it gives me time to think without any interruptions. But not this time.

I hear a door open and shut to the balcony. I look over and see Harry come through the door from the room he was in.

"hey." i greeted him. He sat on the chair next to me. "hey. Are you alright?" he asks seeing that I was kinda zoned out. "yeah. Just thinking." I responded looking out to the ocean. "if it's about my question earlier, I'm really sorry. If I knew I wouldn't have asked... Really I am sorry.. I didn't-" "Harry its fine." I said giggling at his rambling on setting a hand on his shoulder.

We just sat and talked for another hour, and I realized that we actually have a lot in common. We laughed and joked around. I think I'm actually starting to have feelings for him...

"you know, you aren't who I thought you were." he said. I was confused. "uh what?" "when I first met you, I thought that you one of those people who were like a really rough and tuff girl.. But after talking and laughing with you.. I realized your not."

"is that a good thing?" I asked. He grabbed my hand. im pretty sure my heart started beating a mile a minute.

"it's a great thing. You know, your a really lovely girl." he said making circles with his thumb on the side of my hand. "thanks." I said blushing a little bit.

"your cute when you blush." he said, which made me blush even more. He chuckles and sits back in his chair. "so why are you guys in California?" I asked him. Don't they live in England?

"we just finished our Up All Night Tour and we have a six month break before the next one. We thought it would be cool to spend it here." he said. "oh that's cool. Are you guys staying here for the whole six months?" I asked. "only four and a half. We are using the last month and a half to visit our families." I nodded.

We talk for a while more until I start to get sleepy and eventually drift to sleep. I wake up in someone's arms carrying me.

I was too sleepy to open my eyes all the way so I took a guess. "Harry?" I mumbled. "yeah. I'm putting you in your bed okay?" he said. "k." he softly laid me down in my bed and pulled the covers over me. He kissed my cheek and walked towards the door.

"Harry?" I asked again. "yeah?" "thanks." he chucked a bit and responded "No problem, babe." and left to his room. After that, I fell asleep.

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