Chapter 4 (:

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Sunday Morning

Crissy's POV

its 9 a.m. i woke up next to Justin on my bed. no, we didn't do anything.. just cuddling, and falling asleep next to each other. it was really nice, but i still think he's playing games.. and for some reason? my heart is saying he's not. i don't know what to think.. i mean i just don't feel right. i'm gonna get hurt.. but hey, i gave him another chance and plus i do believe him, Jaz really can't keep her hands off of him. i slowly got up, trying not to wake him up. i get up, and look at myself in the mirror. danng i look horrible.. i thought to myself. i quickly change and get ready into this; polyvore .com/untitled_19/set?id=56521627. i then come out of the bathroom, and do my makeup. i look to see if Justin's awake, and he is. "heey gorgeous." he says in his sexy deep morning voice. "heey, get upp!" i say. he got up eventually and walked to his house, which was like 3 houses away and also got dressed. he wore; black & red jordans, grey undershirt with plaid unbuttoned shirt over, black shades, a dog tag, sagging his grey blackish jeans, and spiked his hair in the front. i gotta admit he did look a little cute. he walked backed to my place, and while i was cooking eggs, he snuck in my my house through the back door, and gave me a suprise bear hug from behind while holding on my waist. a picture explaining it, its not exactly like i said it was though. but close enough; 

we ate breakfast together.. and i was thinking it was a good time talking him about playing games. so here goes it..

"um... Justin." 


"look.. i know yesterday we talked about what happened at the movies.. and i believe you. but i'm really not into the games, that i'm sure your gonna play on me. i've never liked a guy.. and i guy's never liked me. so this is hard.. being in a relationship so fast. i'm just scared."

"look" i start saying while cupping her face with my hands. "i like you, and i'm not planning to play to play any games, and i'm not ever going to. a beautiful girl like you doesn't deserve to have her heart being played." i say while putting a piece of her hair that was in her face behind her ears.   

i start blushing , and looking down.

"heey, don't hide your puurty face, i enjoy seeing it." he says so sweetly.

"i'm just not use to this.. like i'm use to the total opposite. i'm so scared of getting hurt that-" he cut me off by kissing me unexpectedly.. those were the best kisses.

"i'm not going to leave you. not even for the world.." we both smile, hugged and chuckle then start eating again.

"heey kiddo! ..and.. you are?" my dad says.

"heey dad! and this is Justin.. my boyfriend." i say.

"oooh. well i'm going off to work, have fun you two! but not to much fun!" he winks.

"hi Mr. Henry, its nice meeting you." Justin says as he shakes my dad's hand.

"oooh, we got a gentlemen here!" dad joked. "haha just kidding, but nice to meet you too. just do me a favor and take care of my little girl." dad said.

"oh i will, you can count on me." he said to dad, while giving me a cheeky smile. it was cute.

"bye guys!" dad says while closing the door behind him.

i washed the dishes, and Justin wiped them after. then we cleaned up the house a little bit, and decided to go to the beach. he grabbed his black swim trunks from his place, and i wore this; 

we got to the beach and went right to the waves. we splashed eachother, and he picked me up and we had a romantic kiss. it was nice, really nice. 

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