Beth was taking a walk in the woods around her yard, when out of no where she heard someone walking around her. She turned around and saw the first guy she ever had a crush on, Charlie. " Oh my gosh, Charlie I missed you."

" I missed you, too so do you wanna go hang out?"

" Sure. I mean there is no point in staying here and being board."

" Ya come on." Charlie said as beth followed him to his car. After she got in ther drove for awhile until they got to his moms house. When they went in they greeted his mom, then went to his room and started playing video game. Out of no where Kyle, Charlies brother, walked in and gave Beth a hug while Charlie tied her down. She looked at him and said, " Why are you... no you arent tying me down so that i wont leave are you?"

" I'm sorry Beth but yes I was orderd to not let you leave."

" Are you serious? Why would anyone want me to be held hostage at you house?"

" Yes and I dont know why but hopefully she will tell you when you see her."

" Well okay but can we still play video games or at least watch a scary movie like we use to do when we were younger?"

" Ya we can watch movies. What movie do you want to watch first?"

" Well how about all of the Scary Movies and then if we dont fall asleep the Final Destination movies."

" Okay, I will be right back with popcorn, and Kyle help her move to where she wants to sit to watch the movies."

------------------------------------------Charlie's POV--------------------------------------------------

I walked into my room and saw her beautiful eyes looking at me. Okay so maybe I do know what my sister is gonna do but just thinking about it makes me want to kill my sister. " So I see you chose to sit on my bed."

" Yeah it is comfortable. At least better than the char."

" Yeah I know." I said as I put the movie in the DVD player.

We watched all the movies but the last Final Destination and we were curantly half way through it. She was sheilding her eyes from a guy getting his head cut off. I looked at her and saw she was scared so I turned the movie off and moved her to where she was laying down.

" What are you doing?" she asked.

" Makeing it to where you wont have a soar neck tomorrow and then I'm gonna go sleep on the couch."

" No stay and sleep in your bed. I mean it is your room."

" Okay," I said as I got in Bed and cuddled with her. She and I were asleep within miniutes.

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