Find Her

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After Cate and Rob left, no one came for awhile and Alex were finally alone, so she decided to try and make her break. Her eyes glowed purple and she felt power coursing through every inch of her body. Alex walked up to the bars and put her hands on them, she could feel them melting as she let the power flow out of her hands. She kept her hands there long enough for her to make a hole big enough for her to fit through and as soon as she did she pulled away and gave herself a second to regain her breath. Then she climbed through the hole she just made and she found yourself in a big, empty, dark room but Alex saw a small window, just big enough for her to fit through and she decided it was worth a shot, what was the worst that could happen? 

So she walked up to the window and opened it using her powers. At this I'm defiantly going to exhaust myself, she thought as she got the window open after a couple of tries. After she eventually  got the window open, she pulled over the chair that Cate had sat on and put it under the window and stood on it, them she climbed up on the window sill and climbed out the window. 

It felt nice, the sun on her face, the cool breeze going through her wind pipe, the green grass under her feet. Then Alex realised her mistake, she had no idea where she was but she saw the woods and decided to run into them, she hoped Liam had the same idea to head for the woods and hope for the best. 

Clancy's POV:

I was walking towards the room where Alex was locked in. I reached the room and punched the code into the pin machine on the wall, 067450. I walked into the room and expected to see her still sitting in the position she was always in, when I went to check on her but she wasn't there. Instead there was hole in the cage, I didn't know how she did it because it looked like it had been melted but you needed a lot of heat in order to do that and she wasn't an red, she was a purple, the only one in the world, which meant we didn't really know a lot about it which is why she was here in the first place, she was here so we could experiment on her. That's when I noticed it, the chair by an open window. "Where is she?" Rob said as he walked in. "She's gone," I replied. "How, that's possible. I was just here, less than 2 hours ago," he said, that's plenty of time to escape. "I don't care, how long ago you were here, she's not here, SO FIND HER, NOW," I said as he left the room, most likely to gather troops and inform her father, who might I add, gave us permission to experiment on her. 

Alex's POV:

She wasn't running in the woods for very long, when she heard gunshots, most likely shooting rubber bullets as it was clear Clancy needed her for something. Now rubber bullets might not kill her put they sure hurt like a bitch. Then she made the mistake of looking behind her for a split second and that's when she saw him, Rob, carrying an AK 47 which Alex hoped was loaded with rubber bullets. Alex kept running, faster then she had ever ran in her life, she knew something bad was going to happen if she stayed with The League and she wasn't about to be someone's puppet, at least not in this life time.  Alex turned a corner and it was the worst mistake she made in her life, even worse than the mistake that got she into this situation in the first place. 

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