Serenity sat in the diligence, seeing the woods travel in fast motion around. She was on her way to the Salvatore estate. The cover story…her family died in a fire accident.  The real story was that they died by the hands of Klaus. An old vampire.

Original vampire that she had run from in over 500 years, by the cover name Katherine Pierce.

Her sisters name was Katherine.

Twin sisters to be exact.

Both the curly, brown hair. The deep, warm…or cold, brown eyes. The slender build. The snappy comments…ok, that was just for Serenity, but her sister could also make some…when she wasn’t the ‘saint save everyone that can be saved’.

She came out of her thought’s by someone shaking her lightly on the shoulder

“Serenity. We are here” it said silently the hand leaving her shoulder. Serenity’s eyes snapped over to the witch

“Emily…how many times have I said that you cannot call me that anymore” she said firmly, yet softly. She really had a soft spot for the powerful witch and it was her only friend.

“We are alone” she pointed out a gentle smile on her face. They both laugh softly and then Serenity turned to the window and looked outside, an amused glint in her eyes

The wagon stoped infront of the house and she looked out of the window. She saw a few men and a woman.

Her face pailed and then she gulped. “Katherina?” she asked herself, while blinking.

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